Arts 2F / ICS 5: History of Multicultural Arts in the United States

This class is an introduction to multicultural arts in the U.S. based upon a cross-cultural history of American art.
We will study multicultural art history from two perspectives:
1. A survey providing a basic understanding of African-American, Latinx (including Mexican-American/Chican@), Native American and Asian-American art history. 
2. A thematic approach to the diverse art forms created by artists of color including discussions addressing race and discrimination, bicultural identity, gender, social class, cultural traditions and values, and contemporary social/political awareness.

We will apply an interdisciplinary approach to art history including methods of analysis from intercultural studies, anthropology, history and cultural studies. Students will also learn basic skills in stylistic analysis and how to describe a work of art.

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Spring 2019 Arts 2F / ICS 5 ONLINE class syllabus

Midterm study guide
Midterm study slides

Final Exam study guide
Final Exam study slides
Presentation Guidelines (conventional sections only)


The chapters for the class text are available in Adobe Acrobat format.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4 part 1

Chapter 4 part 2

Chapter 5

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