Arts 2J / Intl 22

Indigenous Arts of the World: Africa, Oceania, Native America
Course Description: This course is an introduction to some of the many indigenous art traditions around the world. Emphasis will be placed upon Sub-Saharan African, indigenous American and Oceanic art history. We will take a thematic and comparative approach to learning about indigenous arts and cultures, recognizing commonalities such as the importance of oral history, ancestors, family, community, ceremony and place. Other themes include access to materials and the environment, gender, the role of the individual artist and patron, and the importance of both tradition and innovation.
Critical analysis of the history of colonialism, collecting of indigenous arts, and representation in museums will provide a framework for understanding indigenous arts in a global context today. We will explore how indigenous arts and artistic practices reveal to us current challenges and solutions Native artists use in the 21st century to maintain cultural heritage while also building contemporary social/political awareness. Students will work collaboratively, becoming actively involved in their own learning experience. We will use a variety of teaching methods in class in order to address multiple styles of learning.
Course Syllabus - Spring 2018

Final Research Paper and Extra Credit Options
The study slides for the midterm exam are here:
2J - Intl 22 Midterm Study Slides
Sample Midterm Essay
Midterm study guide - Terms from class
Midterm essay questions
The study slides for the final exam are here:
Arts 2J - INTL 22 Final Study Slides
Arts 2J - INTL 22 Final Study Guide: Terms


Presentation Guidelines and sign-up
Introduction: African art
Hawaii - Legend of Umi
Wampum website
Maori Moko Reading
California Indian Basketweavers
Shrine Paintings of Ile Ife
Navajo weaving links:
Southwest Crossroads

A Farewell to Ku
Links for Northwest Coast Native American Art:
U'mista Cultural Society

The Real Story of the Quileute Wolves
Werewolf transformation from The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Indigenous art and museum exhibitions:
Quai Branly  



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