Bus 10: Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business is a survey course which provides a broad overview of the environment, principles, and functions of business. Students will gain a firm foundation in business terminology and practices essential for success in industry. Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to learn more about different positions and industries to start career planning.

6-Week (Accelerated) Online Format Class:

A section number that ends with a "Z" is an online format (i.e. 67Z, 64Z).  Late start classes are generally compressed into a 6 week format, which means that they will proceed at double speed.  Please consider carefully whether you have budgeted enough time to take an accelerated class.  Students who fall behind in accelerated classes may find it difficult to catch up.

This multimedia class uses a combination of videos, quizzes, readings, and class discussions to learn about the field of business and career options.

Hybrid Format Class:

A section number that ends with a "Y" is a hybrid format (i.e., 01Y, 03Y).  Although the majority (80%) of the course is delivered on campus as a traditional lecture class, students will work in teams 20% of the time using an online business simulation game. I primarily teach Introduction to Business in a hybrid format.

In this hybrid class we use a business simulation game called "Mike's Bikes". This hands-on approach really helps students to put together all the material in the course. Although it is challenging, most teams do very well in the simulation. Here are the most successful teams over the past few years:

Logo of Mike's Bikes Simulation by Smartsims, Inc.

Mikes Bike's Leaderboard

Teams that earned a Shareholder value above $100 from a 7-Round game.  Not all A grade teams are depicted.
Team Name
Shareholder Value at end

of  7-Round Game

Winter 2018

Good Wheels


Fall 2015



Fall 2017



Winter 2017

Locomotion Cyclery


Winter 2017

Velo Revolution


Fall 2014

Best Bike


Spring 2016

Highroller Inc.


Spring 2014



Winter 2015

Galaxy Wheels


Fall 2014

Fire Bikes


Winter 2018

Mt. Everest Bikes


Winter 2014



Fall 2018

High Sierra Bicycles


Spring 2012



Fall 2017



Spring 2014

Cycle Solutions


Winter 2012



Winter 2017

Absolute Bikes


Fall 2017



Spring 2012



Spring 2012



Fall 2018



Fall 2016



Winter 2017

Cycle Storm


Spring 2018



Fall 2013

Hurricane Inc.


Fall 2011

Team Super Vikerz


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