Bus 65: Leadership

The Leadership course will introduce students to the complex challenges of leading others. Students will learn different techniques to build successful relationships in a culturally diverse world.  Leaders from the military, government, business, non-profits, and sports will be examined and analyzed.  The ultimate goal is to develop effectiveness in leadership situations. This multimedia online course uses video to help students evaluate different leadership styles. 

De Anza offers a Certificate of Achievement and an Associates Degree in Management. Leadership is a core requirement for those programs.  It is also an elective for our Marketing and Business Administration programs.

If you are planning to take both Leadership and Principles of Management, I recommend taking Leadership first. It is appropriate even for those with no work experience.

"Leadership is a seed, sure some seeds do fine with little water and can grow in all types of weather – those may be the natural leaders. Others need constant watering, sunlight, good dirt, etc. to blossom but all seeds have a potential to grow, don’t they?"         --Former De Anza Leadership Student

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