Courses Offered By This Department

Course Number Course Title Units
PE 4XX High Intensity Strength Development for Athletes 1
PE 32B Women's Badminton Techniques 2
PE 32F Defensive Baseball Techniques 2
PE 32G Offensive Baseball Techniques 2
PE 32H Offensive Football Techniques 2
PE 32HX Offensive Football Techniques 1
PE 32I Defensive Football Techniques 2
PE 32IX Defensive Football Techniques 1
PE 32J Water Polo Techniques 2
PE 32JX Water Polo Techniques 1
PE 32K Basketball Techniques 2
PE 32L Volleyball Techniques 2
PE 32LX Volleyball Techniques 1
PE 32M Soccer Techniques 2
PE 32MX Soccer Techniques 1
PE 32N Track and Field Techniques 2
PE 32P Techniques of Swimming 2
PE 32S Women's Soccer Techniques 2
PE 32SX Women's Soccer Techniques 1
PE 32T Tennis Techniques 2
PE 32W Softball Techniques 2
PE 38W Intercollegiate Women's Badminton 3
PE 38WX Intercollegiate Women's Badminton 1.5
PE 38WY Intercollegiate Women's Badminton 2
PE 39M Intercollegiate Men's Soccer 3
PE 39MX Intercollegiate Men's Soccer 1.5
PE 39MY Intercollegiate Men's Soccer 2
PE 39W Intercollegiate Women's Soccer 3
PE 39WX Intercollegiate Women's Soccer 1.5
PE 39WY Intercollegiate Women's Soccer 2
PE 40 Intercollegiate Football 3
PE 40X Intercollegiate Football 1.5
PE 40Y Intercollegiate Football 2
PE 41 Intercollegiate Water Polo 3
PE 41X Intercollegiate Water Polo 1.5
PE 41Y Intercollegiate Water Polo 2
PE 42W Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball 3
PE 42WX Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball 1.5
PE 42WY Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball 2
PE 43 Intercollegiate Cross Country (Men and Women) 3
PE 43X Intercollegiate Cross Country (Men and Women) 1.5
PE 43Y Intercollegiate Cross Country (Men and Women) 2
PE 44M Intercollegiate Men's Basketball 3
PE 44MX Intercollegiate Men's Basketball 1.5
PE 44MY Intercollegiate Men's Basketball 2
PE 44W Intercollegiate Women's Basketball 3
PE 44WX Intercollegiate Women's Basketball 1.5
PE 44WY Intercollegiate Women's Basketball 2
PE 45 Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving (Men and Women) 3
PE 45X Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving (Men and Women) 1.5
PE 45Y Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving (Men and Women) 2
PE 46 Intercollegiate Track and Field (Men and Women) 3
PE 46X Intercollegiate Track and Field (Men and Women) 1.5
PE 46Y Intercollegiate Track and Field (Men and Women) 2
PE 47M Intercollegiate Baseball 3
PE 47MX Intercollegiate Baseball 1.5
PE 47MY Intercollegiate Baseball 2
PE 47W Intercollegiate Softball 3
PE 47WX Intercollegiate Softball 1.5
PE 47WY Intercollegiate Softball 2
PE 48M Intercollegiate Men's Tennis 3
PE 48MX Intercollegiate Men's Tennis 1.5
PE 48MY Intercollegiate Men's Tennis 2
PE 48W Intercollegiate Women's Tennis 3
PE 48WX Intercollegiate Women's Tennis 1.5
PE 48WY Intercollegiate Women's Tennis 2
PE 99 Orientation to Athletics 1
KNES 1A Novice Swimming 0.5
KNES 1B Beginning Swimming 0.5
KNES 1C Intermediate Swimming 0.5
KNES 1CX Intermediate Swimming 1
KNES 1D Advanced Swimming 0.5
KNES 1DX Advanced Swimming 1
KNES 2A Aerobic Swimming 0.5
KNES 2AX Aerobic Swimming 1
KNES 2B Deep Water Running 0.5
KNES 2BX Deep Water Running 1
KNES 5A Indoor Cycling 0.5
KNES 5AX Indoor Cycling 1
KNES 5B High Intensity Indoor Cycling 0.5
KNES 5BX High Intensity Indoor Cycling 1
KNES 5C Outdoor Cycling 1
KNES 5CX Outdoor Cycling 1.5
KNES 6A Aerobic Power Walking 0.5
KNES 6AX Aerobic Power Walking 1
KNES 7A Step Aerobics 0.5
KNES 7AX Step Aerobics 1
KNES 7D Latin Infused Aerobics 0.5
KNES 7DX Latin Infused Aerobics 1
KNES 7G Aerobic Exercise Hi-Low Impact 0.5
KNES 7GX Aerobic Exercise Hi-Low Impact 1
KNES 7H Aerobic Exercise Low Impact 0.5
KNES 9A Interactive Cardiovascular Fitness and Activity Tracking 1 0.5
KNES 9AX Interactive Cardiovascular Fitness and Activity Tracking 1 1
KNES 9B Interactive Cardiovascular Fitness and Activity Tracking 2 0.5
KNES 9BX Interactive Cardiovascular Fitness and Activity Tracking 2 1
KNES 11A Cardio Kick 0.5
KNES 11AX Cardio Kick 1
KNES 12A Aikido 0.5
KNES 12AX Aikido 1
KNES 12B Intermediate Aikido 0.5
KNES 12BX Intermediate Aikido 1
KNES 12D Beginning Karate 0.5
KNES 12DX Beginning Karate 1
KNES 12E Intermediate Karate 0.5
KNES 12EX Intermediate Karate 1
KNES 12G Self-Defense 0.5
KNES 12H Tai Chi 0.5
KNES 12HX Tai Chi 1
KNES 12J Intermediate Tai Chi 0.5
KNES 12JX Intermediate Tai Chi 1
KNES 15A Cross Training 0.5
KNES 15AX Cross Training 1
KNES 15C Total Fitness 0.5
KNES 15CX Total Fitness 1
KNES 15E Cardiovascular and Strength Training 0.5
KNES 15EX Cardiovascular and Strength Training 1
KNES 15EY Cardiovascular and Strength Training 1.5
KNES 15F High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT 0.5
KNES 15FX High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT 1
KNES 16A Fit Camp 0.5
KNES 16AX Fit Camp 1
KNES 16AY Fit Camp 1.5
KNES 16B Spin/Swim Fitness 1
KNES 16BX Spin/Swim Fitness 1.5
KNES 17A Plyometric Conditioning 1 0.5
KNES 17AX Plyometric Conditioning 1 1
KNES 19A Strength Development 0.5
KNES 19AX Strength Development 1
KNES 19B Strength Development 2 0.5
KNES 19BX Strength Development 2 1
KNES 19D Resistance Training 1 0.5
KNES 19DX Resistance Training 1 1
KNES 19E Body Sculpting 0.5
KNES 19EX Body Sculpting 1
KNES 19G Core Conditioning 0.5
KNES 19GX Core Conditioning 1
KNES 20A Circuit Training 1 0.5
KNES 20AX Circuit Training 1 1
KNES 22A Hatha Yoga 0.5
KNES 22AX Hatha Yoga 1
KNES 22B Yoga for Relaxation 0.5
KNES 22BX Yoga for Relaxation 1
KNES 22C Power Yoga 0.5
KNES 22CX Power Yoga 1
KNES 22D Flow Yoga 0.5
KNES 22DX Flow Yoga 1
KNES 22E Yoga/Pilates Combo 0.5
KNES 22EX Yoga/Pilates Combo 1
KNES 25A Stretching 0.5
KNES 25AX Stretching 1
KNES 25B Active Isolated Stretching 0.5
KNES 25BX Active Isolated Stretching 1
KNES 26A Basic Pilates Mat Exercise 0.5
KNES 26AX Basic Pilates Mat Exercise 1
KNES 26B Integrated Pilates Mat Exercise 0.5
KNES 26BX Integrated Pilates Mat Exercise 1
KNES 29A Fencing Level 1 0.5
KNES 29B Fencing Level 2 0.5
KNES 30A Beginning Golf 0.5
KNES 30B Advanced Beginning Golf 0.5
KNES 30BX Advanced Beginning Golf 1
KNES 30C Intermediate Golf 0.5
KNES 31A Beginning Badminton 0.5
KNES 31AX Beginning Badminton 1
KNES 31B Intermediate Badminton 0.5
KNES 31BX Intermediate Badminton 1
KNES 31C Advanced Badminton 0.5
KNES 31CX Advanced Badminton 1
KNES 32A Beginning Tennis 0.5
KNES 32AX Beginning Tennis 1
KNES 32B Advanced Beginning Tennis 0.5
KNES 32BX Advanced Beginning Tennis 1
KNES 32C Intermediate Tennis 0.5
KNES 32CX Intermediate Tennis 1
KNES 32D Advanced Tennis 0.5
KNES 32DX Advanced Tennis 1
KNES 33A Multi-Sport Fitness 0.5
KNES 33AX Multi-Sport Fitness 1
KNES 33AY Multi-Sport Fitness 1.5
KNES 36A Team Sport - Basketball 0.5
KNES 36AX Team Sport - Basketball 1
KNES 37A Soccer 0.5
KNES 37AX Soccer 1
KNES 37B Soccer Level 2 0.5
KNES 37BX Soccer Level 2 1
KNES 37C Soccer Level 3 0.5
KNES 37CX Soccer Level 3 1
KNES 37D Soccer Level 4 0.5
KNES 37DX Soccer Level 4 1
KNES 37E Indoor Soccer 0.5
KNES 38A Futsal Level 1 0.5
KNES 38AX Futsal Level 1 1
KNES 38B Futsal Level 2 0.5
KNES 38BX Futsal Level 2 1
KNES 38C Futsal Level 3 0.5
KNES 38CX Futsal Level 3 1
KNES 38D Futsal Level 4 0.5
KNES 38DX Futsal Level 4 1
KNES 39A Volleyball Level 1 0.5
KNES 39AX Volleyball Level 1 1
KNES 39B Volleyball Level 2 0.5
KNES 39BX Volleyball Level 2 1
KNES 39C Volleyball Level 3 0.5
KNES 39CX Volleyball Level 3 1
KNES 39DX Volleyball Level 4 1
KNES 40A Flag Football 1 0.5
KNES 40AX Flag Football 1 1
KNES 41A Ultimate Frisbee 1 0.5
KNES 41AX Ultimate Frisbee 1 1
KNES 42A Motor Skills Assessment and Development 0.5
KNES 42AX Motor Skills Assessment and Development 1
KNES 42B Motor Development Training Methodologies 0.5
KNES 42BX Motor Development Training Methodologies 1
KNES 42C High Intensity Motor Training 0.5
KNES 42CX High Intensity Motor Training 1
KNES 42D Aquatic Motor Development 0.5
KNES 42DX Aquatic Motor Development 1
KNES 45 Introduction to Kinesiology 4
KNES 46 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 4
KNES 50A Orientation to Lifetime Fitness 2
KNES 50AL Lifetime Wellness and Fitness Center Laboratory 1
KNES 51A Fitness and Dietary Wellness 2
KNES 51AL Fitness and Dietary Wellness Laboratory 1
KNES 52 Physical Stress Management 2
KNES 53 Health and Fitness 4
KNES 54 Introduction to Sport in Society 4
KNES 55 Exercise Science 2
KNES 56 Fitness Assessment for Personal Trainers 3
KNES 57A Coaching I: The Foundations of Coaching 2
KNES 57B Coaching II: The Fundamentals of Fundraising and Budgeting 2
KNES 77 Special Projects in Physical Education 0.5
KNES 77X Special Projects in Physical Education 1
KNES 77Y Special Projects in Physical Education 1.5

These listings are drawn from the current college catalog. Some courses may not be offered every quarter. Contact the academic department to find out when a course will be offered.

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