C.J. Jones  

Bicep Curl poseI originally came from the historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania when I relocated to California in 1990. I currently have ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)'s Exercise Physiologist certification. I have completed a certification in Gait Analysis, and helping folks to be move through life without pain or discomfort. I am currently working on an Older and Frail Adult Certification.

In addition to being the coordinator and trainer for the Lifetime Fitness & Wellness Center, I am also the coach/advisor for the De Anza College Cheer & Dance Team. Our students support athletics and they also compete as a Pom (dance) team.

I have been running the Lifetime Fitness & Wellness Center here at De Anza College since 2001. I feel fortunate to have a job where I can focus on helping students get the most for their workouts. Work smarter not harder!

In the fitness center I help with:

  • Proper form and settings for strength equipment
  • Proper form for free weight or body weight exercises
  • Fitness Assessments for strength, endurance & body composition
  • 7-site Skin Fold (body fat) testing
  • Development of short and long term goals
  • Balanced exercise programs
  • Balance Training
  • Personal Fitness Trainer Mentor
  • Post-Rehab Training
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