Reserve a Classroom

Space for Athletic Game, Community or Private Events

Athletic games, community events, private events such as wedding or performance, or any events that involve attendees who are not FHDA staff, faculty, or student members must go through the Facilities Rental Office, proper forms must be completed for liability reason.   

Space for Meeting, Workshop or Class related events

De Anza staff and faculty members may contact the Scheduling Office (e-mail: if you need classroom space for department/division meeting, workshop, guest speaker for a class, class presentation, class rehearsal/recital, review session, or other class related activities. Please DO NOT use any classroom spaces without informing the Scheduling Office, doing so may conflict with another reserved activity.   

The Scheduling Office does not monitor the schedules of computer lab rooms; we work with the divisions to determine the availability of these rooms. Two-week advance notice is required to book a computer lab for your event.  Please contact the division offices to book lab rooms.

Multimedia Classrooms

Many of De Anza's lecture and laboratory classrooms have multimedia equipment--computer, document camera, computer projector, internet access, and laptop plug-in port. Contact the Scheduling Office if you need confirmation on a specific room.

The equipment in the multimedia rooms are expensive to maintain and replace, please contact Tech Help (408-864-8324) if you need assistance using any of the machines or to report equipment problems.

Please help prevent vandalism by making sure the multimedia rooms are properly locked up when you are done using the classrooms; anyone who is caught violating this college rule will be reported to their division deans.

Space for Office Hours

Please e-mail the Scheduling Office if you would like to reserve a classroom to host your office hour. The following spaces could also be used to hold office hour, no reservation is needed: Kirsch Center open areas, Learning Center, and Campus Center.

Baldwin Winery (old bookstore) building holds 30 cubicles for part-time faculty to use as an office space.  The cubicle will be assigned for the whole quarter; request for a cubicle space must go through your division dean, who in turn must submit the request to College Services Office (Donna Jone-Dulin).

Space for Student Clubs

Whether you are a president of a student club or an FHDA faculty/staff member serving as a club advisor, all space requests for student clubs must go through College Life Office to ensure that appropriate club rules/policies are followed. Please contact Dennis Shannakian and La Donna Yumori-Kaku in College Life Office for assistance.

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