Emma (she/her)
Lead Mentor

Hello there! I'm Emma (she/her) Lead Mentor of Mentors@De Anza. I'm a third-year student at De Anza studying Economics. I'm also a student-athlete on the Badminton team, President of De Anza Creative Writers and a WRC tutor. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano, reading, writing, and volunteering. I joined Mentors@De Anza because it is all about helping other students, and I highly recommend students (you!) to join Mentors@De Anza :) You'll get the chance to meet awesome people and learn about tons of opportunities and resources!

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Abigail (she/her)
Senior Mentor of Content Creation

Bio coming soon!
Ashley (she/her)
Second Senior Mentor for Content Creation

Hello everyone! My name is Ashley and I am the Second Senior Mentor of Content Creation at M@DA. I am also the Vice President of Active Minds and the Marketing Officer for Psychology Club. I’m currently a second year Biology major, and I hope to transfer to a four-year university next year. Some of my favorite hobbies are reading, biking, and photography. This year, I would love to help many students navigate their journey here at De Anza through M@DA. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me :)

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Megan (she/her)
Senior Mentor of Marketing

Bio coming soon!
Cedric (he/him)
Second Senior Mentor of Marketing

Hello everyone! My name is Cedric, and I am a second year business major here at De Anza. I am the Second Senior Mentor of Marketing, as well as the Chair of Club Affairs for De Anza's Inter-Club Council (ICC). I joined Mentors@De Anza because I believe that mentorship and guidance from peers is an invaluable resource that should be more utilized, especially in college settings. If I had to offer a piece of advice, it would be to say yes now instead of wondering later. I hope this year is great for all mentors and mentees! :)

Lydia (she/her)
Senior Mentor of Mentorship Training

My name is Lydia and I'm a 2nd year student double majoring in Economics and Statistics. I am the Senior Mentor of Mentorship Training this year and I'm also part of De Anza Student Government as a senator! I am a Bay Area native and in my free time I volunteer, play piano, and ride horses. I joined M@DA to connect students with resources and to help make a change on campus. A piece of advice I have for students is to get involved and active at De Anza!

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Christine (she/her)
Second Senior Mentor of Mentorship Training

Bio coming soon!

Christopher (he/him)

Senior Mentor of Peer Pairings

Christopher, Data Science, I joined M@DA because I had such a pleasant and informative experience with my mentor when I was just starting out at De Anza last year. I learned about the various opportunities available to me and some helpful advice to transferring successfully. One piece of advice I want to give is to explore and take advantage of every resource around you, do all of them and narrow down your interests as you go. Some of my hobbies are going on long runs, playing table tennis, and eating good food with friends!

May (she/her)

Second Senior Mentor of Peer Pairings

Hi everyone! My name is May and I am studying electrical engineering. I am from Myanmar (Burma). In addition to being a Second Senior Mentor of Peer Pairings at Mentors@DA, I am also the President of Burmese Students Association and Head of Public Relations at Robotics Society of De Anza. I am fond of meeting new people and volunteering. I also love trying new foods so if I have a chance, I would like to travel around the world and enjoy different cuisines. One piece of advice I want to say is “It’s ok to say NO when your plate is full”.

Sabrina (she/her)
Senior Mentor of Programs

Hi, I am Sabrina and I am the Senior Mentor of Programs. I am an international student from China. My major is communication study, and it is my third year at De Anza College. I enjoy listening to music, volunteering, and traveling in my spare time. I joined the Mentors program because I want to help more students to find ways achieving their academic goals. Looking forward to planning more events for everyone this year!

Amrit (she/her)
Second Senior Mentor of Programs

Hi y'all! My name is Amrit (she/her) and I am the Second Senior Mentor of Programs. I am currently a second year studying political science. I am also the DASG Chair of Equity and Diversity. I joined M@DA because I wanted to provide any help that I could. I know how hard college can be to navigate! One piece of advice I would give is to be a little selfish sometimes, you're worth it. Outside of school, I love to go to the beach, bookstores, coffee shop and museums. I am super excited to meet all of you! :)

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