Mark Hamer
Instructor, Animation

Classes I Teach

Spring 2024

46693F/TV 67A01YPrinciples of Animation: 2D Media
45193F/TV 72G01YAnimated Film Pre-Production Workshop
45192F/TV 72H01YAnimated Film Production Workshop
45191F/TV 72J01YAnimated Film Post-Production Workshop
48468F/TV 75K50ZJapanese Animation

Winter 2024

35083F/TV 70A01ZThe Storyboard and Visual Development for Animation
35044F/TV 72G01YAnimated Film Pre-Production Workshop
35043F/TV 72H01YAnimated Film Production Workshop
38705F/TV 72J01YAnimated Film Post-Production Workshop
37084F/TV 75G50ZHistory of Animation (1900-Present)
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