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Cheryl Owiesny
Head Women's Soccer Coach


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Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Summer 2023

13485KNES 4550ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
13486KNES 4551ZIntroduction to Kinesiology

Spring 2023

48309KNES 15CX02Total Fitness
48310KNES 15EX02Cardiovascular and Strength Training
48311KNES 19GX03Core Conditioning
48113KNES 31JX01Pickleball Level 1
48115KNES 31JX02Pickleball Level 1
48114KNES 31KX01Pickleball Level 2
48116KNES 31KX02Pickleball Level 2
47861KNES 32AX02Beginning Tennis
47862KNES 32BX02Advanced Beginning Tennis
47863KNES 32CX02Intermediate Tennis
47815KNES 37AX01Soccer
47816KNES 37BX01Soccer Level 2
47817KNES 37CX01Soccer Level 3
48122KNES 4550ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
48312KNES 4564ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
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