How to Become a De Anza College DSS Student

At De Anza College, we've made it easy to apply for admission and qualify for priority enrollment, so you can get the classes you need to achieve your goals. In order to receive your disability-related services and accommodations at De Anza College, you must first complete these steps:

College Application

De Anza uses the statewide application system known as OpenCCC. OpenCCC is a service of the California Community Colleges Chancellor' Office. You must become a De Anza College student by completing the college application and receive your 8 digit campuswide ID (CWID) number and password to access the college‚Äôs MyPortal site.  

ccc apply


Processing Time: 
Please allow 7-10 working days for processing your college application. There may be a slight delay of an additional day or two if Admissions and Records needs more information to process your application. Students will be contacted if that becomes necessary.


Due to California state regulations, not declaring an Educational Goal/Major of obtaining a degree or certificate will result in you receiving a late registration date. This means you will be issued the last date to register for classes. Also, if you do not choose an educational goal/major, you will not be eligible for financial aid.

If you want to qualify for priority registration, remember to do the following  when you fill out the application:

  • Declare a major (not "undecided") and
  • Select a goal of transfer, degree or certificate 

For more help, visit the page on Tips for Completing the Application.

DSPS Application

De Anza uses the Clockwork data management system that streamlines and simplifies access to student information. Disability documentation must be uploaded with the DSPS application in Clockwork. Please upload one of the following documentation: IEP, 504 plan, IPP, or DVF.

Types of disability documentation:

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    From high school that verifies your diagnosis
  • Section (504) plan
    From high school that verifies your diagnosis.
    Other documentation may include a psychoeducational report
  • Individualized Program Plan (IPP)
    From San Andreas Regional Center (SARC)
  • Disability Verification form (DVF)
    Completed by a qualified health professional

If you do not have disability documentation,
download the Disability Verification Packet below.

disability verification packet

Clockwork: DSPS Application

  1. Login MyPortal using 8-digit campuswide ID
  2. Click Apps and go to Students
  3. Click Clockwork and select De Anza
  4. Click DSPS Application
    Have disability documentation ready for upload 
  5. Complete the DSPS Application and click submit

If the DSS application process is unavailable, please contact Disability Support Services at

Intake Appointment

Once your application and documentation are turned in and reviewed, our DSS Administrative Assistant will reach out to set up an Intake appointment. During the Intake appointment with a DSS Counselor, we get you set up with accommodations and acquainted with DSS services.

Request Info

Office Contact

RSS Bldg

Patricia Whelan
Administrative Assistant I

Disability Support Services

(408) 430 -7681

Registration and Student Services Bldg., RSS 141

 Office Support

Kim Fukuyama
Administrative Assistant I

Disability Support Services

(408) 864-8838

Registration and Student Services Bldg., RSS 141

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