Welcome to Environmental Studies (ES) and Environmental Science (ESCI).

Many people wonder...what do these courses cover? The lines can be blurry but in general, the subjects are defined below:

Environment (the): (1) Refers to influences on organisms and ecosystems, including both non-living (abiotic) and biological factors; (2) An indeterminate word for issues associated with the causes and consequences of environmental damage, or with the larger environmental crisis.

Environmental science: An interdisciplinary branch of science that investigates questions related to the human population, resources, and damages caused by pollution and disturbance.

Environmental studies: An extremely interdisciplinary approach that examines the scientific, social, and cultural aspects of environmental issues (Freedman, 2022).


Whether you are a student preparing for transfer, returning student, or looking to enhance your understanding we have classes for you.

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Not sure where to start? We have many course offerings. Registering for ES 1 or ESCI 1 is a good place to start. If you are a transfer student both courses articulate to UC and CSU transfer for general education.

Maybe you want a certificate or associate's degree? We have those too!

Energy and Facility Management Program

Environmental Resource Management and Pollution Prevention

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