VPAC Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of common questions and answers that we receive regarding the booking and best methods for events within our Visual & Performing Art Center (VPAC) Theater.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator for any further explanation or questions.  Feel free to call direct at (408) 864-8333 or email dafacilityrentals@fhda.edu.

How much time should I book for my event?

Most types of single day events book roughly 8 hours for a 2-3 hour show.  It's quite important to book enough time for rehearsal and setup depending on what the event is trying to accomplish.  We require roughly 20-30 minutes setup up time at the beginning of the booking, 30 minutes in which the stage is clear prior to the show for audience walk-in, and 1 hour from the end of event until the end of contract to allow for a full theater reset.

How much time can I book on a single day?

The maximum booking time per day is 12 hours.  Our minimums are dependent on the time of week, Monday-Thursday we have a 4 hour minimum while Friday-Sunday we have a 6 hour minimum booking time.

Can I book a half/full day instead of hourly?

The VPAC operates on an hourly rate and not half/full day rates.

Are food and drinks allowed in the theater, lobby, or other areas?

Unfortunately the VPAC does not allow any food or drinks outside of water within the lobby or main theater.  Food and drinks for performers/volunteers/staff are allowed in the green room and dressing rooms.  You are welcome to use the outside patio area to serve small items such as cookies and coffee, but these items must remain outside.  Large catering items are typically not allowed.  All items must be approved ahead of time.  If you wish to serve meals to your guests, you must book the dining facility when is located close to the theater.  

Are technicians/staff extra cost?

Typically no, the hourly rates cover the costs of a sound technician, stage hand, lighting tech, and house manager.  More technicians may be required at cost depending on the event (variety shows/large concert events).

What additional costs can I expect?

Parking is the primary additional cost as permit parking is enforced 7 days a week.  Most events can operate with the equipment we have available, but common additional costs would include: wireless kits if more than 4 are needed, dance marley, sound shell, Steinway grand piano, or musical equipment rental.

Are there open batons that we can hang banners or props from?

Yes, but we are quite limited in space as we are not built like standard theater.  We typically have one open baton on the cyc itself.

Can we hang props from the catwalk above the stage?

As long as it is safe to do so and does not cause any potential hazards.

Are we allowed to change the lighting plot or add lights?

Unfortunately our lighting plot comes "as is" with the theater, but with the amount of higher end equipment we have available we are confident that we will be able to create the looks your event will require.

Can we provide our own lighting/audio technician?

You are welcome to bring in your own technician as a consultant, but only our technicians can operate the VPAC equipment unless discussed ahead of time.

How far in advance should we book an event?

Most groups book roughly a year in advance depending on the month.  April & May are the most popular and tend to start being booked a year and a half in advance.

How many people are allowed on the stage at one time?

The Fire Marshall has rated the VPAC stage to legally hold no more than 88 people at one time.

What projection features do the VPAC offer?

The VPAC has two forms of projection available.  We can project directly on the cyc and fill most of the screen while framing it with the upstage traveler.  There is also a drop down movie theater style screen downstage which is typically used for presentations or movie screenings.

Can you offer rear projection?

Unfortunately the VPAC does not offer rear projection at this time.

Are shadows an issue with front projection?

Typically there are no issues with shadows while performers are on stage unless they get quite close to the projection screen.  Even at that point, shadows are minor and rarely noticeable.

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