Below you will find a list of all potential charges associated with the rental of the De Anza College Visual & Performing Arts Center (VPAC).  If you need any further explanation of any costs, please feel free to reach out to the Rental Coordinator at (408) 864-8333 or dafacilityrentals@fhda.edu

Hourly Rates

The VPAC operates on an hourly rate and is available for rental 7 days a week as long as the theater is not in use by De Anza College.  There is a minimum required rental time depending on the time of the week.  Monday through Thursday we require a minimum of a 4 hour booking and Friday through Sunday we require a minimum of a 6 hour booking

   Please note as of JUNE 1, 2024 the VPAC rental rates have been adjusted and have also included an overtime rate structure after 8 hours.  Contracts submitted prior to this date are subject to the original costs of $430/hr ($340/hr non-profit).

The following are the listed rates for rental of the theater which include basic labor costs and (lighting, audio, stage hand, & theater manager) and all standard equipment:

  • $495/hr hourly rate, $742.50 past 8 hours
  • $391/hr non-profit hourly rate, $586.50 past 8 hours

Application Fee

There is a $50 application fee which is required for any rental on campus.  If you wish to book multiple dates at the same time, the fee will only be charged once.  This fee is non-refundable.

Custodial Fee

A $296 custodial fee is required for each event day requested to clean and restock restrooms after audience members.  If multiple performances are being held in one day, additional charges may be required to clean and restock between performances.  Rehearsals do not require the fee to be charged.  


Base line technicians are included with the hourly rate, this includes at least three technicians and in most cases one supervisor.  The technicians are generally one audio technician, one lighting technician, and one stage hand technician.  If more technicians are either required or requested, this will come at additional cost of $70/hr.  A fourth technician may be a requirement depending on the technical needs of the client, a higher demand of technical requests such as that of variety shows may warrant the need for at least one additional technician.


All standard equipment is included in the hourly rental costs, additional charges only apply if more equipment is requested.  The following are standard additional requests along with their associated rates:

  • Wireless Microphone: If more than 4 wireless are needed, each additional wireless unit will cost $125.
  • Steinway Grand Piano: $200 fee for use during the entire booking.
  • Dance Marley: An additional labor cost of 1.5 hours will be applied for rental of the dance marley.  This involves 1 hour for setup prior to load in and 0.5 hours for breakdown at end of show.
  • Orchestra Sound Shell: An additional labor cost of 1.5 hours will be applied for rental of the sound shell.  This involves 1 hour for setup prior to load in and 0.5 hours for breakdown at end of show.

Additional equipment such as amplifiers, drum kits, and other musical instruments are available as well through our audio contractor.  Please reach out to the Rental Coordinator who will put you in touch with a supplier.


When being enforced, a $3 daily parking permit is required 7 days a week at De Anza College.  There are several permit machines directly adjacent to the theater.  Permits can be purchased ahead of time directly from the Campus Police Department.  Partial and full lots may be reserved as well.  Please contact the Campus Police Department for reservation information https://www.deanza.edu/police/.

Banquet Hall Rental

If you wish to serve meals for your guests, we have a banquet hall close to the theater that is available for rental as meals are not allowed to be served directly at the theater.  The hall must be booked separately from the booking of the theater and done through the facility rental page which can be accessed on the left hand tab of the website.  Please discuss your needs with the Rental Coordinator prior to submitting any paperwork.

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