• Self discipline and initiative are vital to your success in this SIX week long, Distance Learning course.

    Students who do not LOG onto the course canvas page and begin the course by WEDNESDAY at 5pm of the first week of the course will be dropped as No-Shows.  

    Students who wish to drop this course must do so per the college policy of deadlines for six week courses which is available on myportal. There are no late adds or late drops permitted.

BIO 54 J Applied Human Anatomy & Physiology: Absorption, Excretions and Reproduction

Enrolled students may access course materials here: https://catalyst.deanza.edu

For De Anza's Online Education Webpage to access the online orientation, please click here: http://www.deanza.edu/online-ed
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1.5 units

This is a 6 week videostreamed course taught through the Online Education Center.  This course is offered in the second six weeks of the quarter and can not be taken concurrently with BIO54I.

 Course Description: Survey of human anatomy and physiology with emphasis on the homeostatic limits the human body. Discussed topics include the Digestive System and Nutrition, Respiratory System Urinary System, Water, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Balance, Reproductive Systems and Pregnancy/Growth, Development and Genetics.

Required Texts: OpenStax Anatomy & Phhysiology.  This is a free, online text available to enrolled students on the course canvas page.

Weekly chapter tests, homework and a cumulative final exam are online.  There are no on campus requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING DROPPING THIS COURSE: It is the student's responsibility to drop this course (via the portal) by the end of the first week of the course in order to receive no grade if they choose to not continue in the course. 

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