first aid, CPR and AED training

HLTH 57A is the class at De Anza College to learn first aid and optionally to get a Red Cross first aid certification. The webpage has a link to a free copy of the textbook.

For faculty/staff training:

Signs and symptoms of a heart attack; a discussion of consciousness; how to do compressions-only-CPR if you witness the sudden collapse of an adult; elements of effective, quality CPR compressions, heart disease and notes on calling 911 are at  Hands only CPR

A detailed explanation of how to use both models of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) that De Anza College has is at AED Quick Facts

To see pictures of the locations of AEDs at De Anza go to:

Below are links to first aid, CPR and AED info and study guides.

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 If you lost your Red Cross certification card I can't get you a new one, but you can get a new one yourself

 Wilderness first aid outline

 Cultural issues in first aid 

 Simple secondary survey study sheet has:

Times to suspect a spinal injury: (and use a jaw thrust instead of a head tilt, chin lift).

Reasons why a person might become unconscious or semi-conscious (AEIOU TIPS)

causes of altered mental status, fainting, seizures,

Signs and symptoms of a concussion

care for a stroke

normal respiration, pulse, temperature

and a detailed simple secondary survey (SAMPLE, opqrst), the questions to ask a conscious victim of injury or sudden illness before they pass out

 How to pass a Red Cross written test   has advice for all kinds of test taking

First Aid for Public Safety Personnel study guide   

 Fast, basic neurological exam  includes the basic questions to help a person suspected of having a stroke (Face, Arm, Speech, Time) and much more. Bloodborne Pathogens quick facts Oxygen administration quick facts injuries quick facts 

 Can a person who is prescribed an epi-pen risk going into the wilderness? (and some sting prevention notes) are at:   Anaphylaxis quick facts  

  Advance care directives includes a link to get a free copy of an advance care directive

 HIPAA CPR manikin use CPR quick facts Do AEDs work? What the AED says as you use it

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