Lifeguard Training

Want a prepare for lifeguard training class, with time to get in shape and practice to pass the prerequisite tests for either Red Cross or YMCA lifeguard?

Fall quarter De Anza College offers a beginning swim KNES-001B class Saturdays starting in September and Winter quarter De Anza College offers an intermediate KNES-001C and aerobic KNES-002A swim class Saturdays starting in early January.

Fall and Winter quarter, we have the entire swimming pool, so we can use both shallow and deep water as needed. And since I am a lifeguard instructor, you will get expert help getting ready to become a lifeguard. Many students in my De Anza College swim classes work on the prerequisite swim test and lifeguard skills whether they will be taking lifeguard training from me, or just want to see if they can pass the Red Cross (or YMCA) prerequisite lifeguard swim test(s). Some of the things we can work on in swim class are at: Get ready for lifeguard training.

Enrolling in HLTH57A (the American Red Cross first aid certification class) at De Anza can also give you a great head-start towards learning the first aid skills required for a lifeguard or EMT.

Various swim students have taken the class in anticipation of possibly becoming lifeguards. One swim student got the highest A+ in the HLTH57A class fall quarter 2018, another swim student got a perfect score on the final exam in spring 2019. There is a free download of the text available at the class webpage.

Below are links to lifeguard training info pages and study guides.

Try an edit-find function (hold down Ctrl, then type the letter F) on your computer to ‘search’ this page. Lifeguard Training FAQs has Details about the Red Cross prerequisite swim tests, including tips, tricks and advice for passing the swim test requirements for pool lifeguard, waterfront lifeguard and shallow water lifeguard, The page includes answers to these questions:

To become a lifeguard, do I have to have a perfect freestyle?

Do I have to be a fast swimmer? What if I’m out of shape?

Isn’t it difficult to rescue a heavy person who is sinking to the bottom of a pool?

Do lifeguards have to know how to dive?

What are the Red Cross certification written tests like?

 and the page includes a link to find a free download of the copyrighted 2016, released 2017 American Red Cross Lifeguarding Manual

 To make it easier to find the skills sheets pages write in your Red Cross Lifeguarding Manual Preventative Lifeguarding has notes from various staff manuals, personal experiences and the Red Cross texts. It includes UNSAFE PRACTICES or potential problems TO WATCH FOR, areas where most accidents occur and disciplinary action for minor and major infractions. History of lifesaving Tips for guarding open water swims tips for guarding kids' triathlons  How to rescue a drowning victim using a reaching assist or a shepherd's crook  How to rescue a submerged victim How to remove a victim from the pool canoe over canoe rescue can also be used on a kayak California Lifeguards and Title 22 pool safety deficiencies Neighborhood Watch applied to swim centers

First Aid for Public Safety Personnel study guide rescue board safety tips beach drag NOT RESCUE READY is photos of lifeguards on duty who were not ready to rescue Basic Water Rescue

Emergency Action Plan for a coach or swim instructor

Emergency Action Plan for a juvenile detention facility pool 

How to tell if the lifeguards are doing their job properly.   The aim of this page is to provide swimmers, parents, child care providers and other swimming pool patrons with a few guidelines to help them determine if the lifeguards at the pool they go to are doing their jobs properly. deaf lifeguards

lifeguard training: discussing professionalism is an in-service training project, or perhaps for lifeguard candidates who look at this page to consider on their own. What a certified pool operator (CPO) knows that lifeguards and swimmers should know.

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