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All the material from my original De Anza College faculty website

(one of the very first faculty websites at De Anza College)

had to be moved due to a server dying.

Please see:

for all the study guides, info about the De Anza College Outdoor Club, lifeguard training, how to have more fun in Yosemite or Grand Teton National park, and much more.


The most read webpages from the original website were, in this order:

how to pass a Red Cross written test

oxygen administration quick facts

lifeguard training faqs

history of swimming from the course outlines for swim classes at De Anza College, with notes, stories and links specific to that part of the curriculum.

A collection of some of the true stories I use in my wilderness first aid class to illustrate how the wilderness is not dangerous, it’s the people who aren’t prepared, who don’t know what they are doing, or who take inordinate risks, that are the danger:

how can I tell if I am a good swimmer

Or should we call this: how can I tell if I’m a fast swimmer? ( including the Navy Seals candidate’s swim test and National Seniors games qualifying times)

Every athlete likes to compare them-self to others, either in real competitions, or against standard times or tests.

Thunderstorm and lightning safety

AED use

how to rescue a drowning victim using equipment commonly found at swimming pools

Rocky Mountain mammal size comparisons includes how to tell a black bear from a grizzly

must haves (and you will wish you had) for camping in bad weather or even in the snow

How much water will there be in the Yosemite waterfalls?

Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton National Park

have more fun camping


- - As of Fall quarter 2016 all De Anza College PE (Physical Education, P.E.) activity and lecture courses are renamed KNES (Kinesiology), (except team sports and massage).

Ooooops, PE21 (tennis) is not becoming KNES21.

I am compiling a list of the old and new titles/numbers here:

as I am able to discover and cross reference them.

PE26A novice swimming, has become KNES 1A, (not K N E S 26 A).

PE26B, beginning swimming, has become KNES 1B (not K N E S 26 B)

PE26C, intermediate swimming, has become KNES 1C (not K N E S 26 C)

PE26D, advanced swimming, has become KNES 1D, (not K N E S 26 D)

and PE6G, aerobic swimming, has become KNES 2A, (not K N E S 6 G).

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