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Information about De Anza College swim classes, including links to how-to-do-it and homework projects.

EPOOL or POOLE in the schedule of classes refers to the east end (shallow end) of the De Anza pool, where the novice swim classes (and some Saturday beginning swim classes) are held.

Novice swim is appropriate for people who:

Have not swam in many years and want to re-learn OR

Can swim but are not fully skilled / comfortable in deep water OR

Can't swim OR have never been in a swimming pool OR

have fear of the water.

 If you think you can't learn to swim, you should read:

Letters from novice swim students written for future novice students.

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 Lifeguard Training FAQs has details about the Red Cross prerequisite swim tests, including tips, tricks and advice for passing the swim test requirements for pool lifeguard, waterfront lifeguard and shallow water lifeguard, The page includes answers to these questions:

To become a lifeguard, do I have to have a perfect freestyle?

Do I have to be a fast swimmer? What if I’m out of shape?

Isn’t it difficult to rescue a heavy person who is sinking to the bottom of a pool?

Do lifeguards have to know how to dive?

What are the Red Cross lifeguard certification written tests like?

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http://marydonahue.org/swim-classes-faqs has answers to questions about swim classes, including:

Do I need to bring my swimsuit the first day of class? Does it matter what kind of sunscreen I use?

Isn't it too cold winter quarter to have a swim class?

Where it lists a prerequisite, does that mean I have to have taken the De Anza prerequisite class before?

I can’t float, can I learn to swim?
I’ve never been in a swimming pool, can I learn to swim?


When is the De Anza pool open to students or the public for lap swim?

In the space for the faculty member’s last name what does “STAFF” really mean?

When I tried to enroll I was put on the “WAIT LIST.” How do I get moved to the enrolled list?

When are the holidays, last day to add, last day to…?

What does it mean to ask for a P/NP grade? Is there a deadline?

and answers questions about waitlists, adds/drops and makeups.

There is also a link to find the curriculum (what is taught in a class, the course outline or course content, usually designed by a division and reviewed and approved by the college) for every De Anza College class. Each instructor can teach each and grade each class differently.

There is a link to the De Anza College map and a detailed map of the P.E. quad pool area.

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How to get a P.E. locker at De Anza College  How to get a P.E. locker at De Anza College

 http://marydonahue.org/novice-swim-faqs  Novice Swim FAQs  

  http://marydonahue.org/novice-swimming  Novice swimming is the before beginning swimming class at De Anza College  

http://marydonahue.org/beginning-swimming-at-de-anza-college  beginning swimming at De Anza College  

 http://marydonahue.org/intermediate-swimming-at-de-anza-college  intermediate swimming at De Anza College  

 http://marydonahue.org/sneaking-exercise  how to sneak extra exercise into your life, mostly without taking extra time

 http://marydonahue.org/swim-class-safety-rules  swim class safety rules              

 http://marydonahue.org/make-ups  make-ups     

http://marydonahue.org/history-of-swimming-section  is the History of Swimming section of the curriculum for swim classes at De Anza College

http://marydonahue.org/history-of-lifesaving  History of lifesaving  

http://marydonahue.org/how-can-i-tell-if-im-a-good-swimmer  How can I tell if I'm a good swimmer?  

 http://marydonahue.org/why-you-should-wear-a-lifejacket  Why you should wear a lifejacket.  

 http://marydonahue.org/swimming-vocabulary swimming vocabulary  

 http://marydonahue.org/swim-workout-vocabulary  Swim workout vocabulary  

How to rescue a drowning victim using a reaching assist or a shepherd's crook, simple rescues using equipment available at every pool, for lifeguards or non-lifeguards  

The aim of the page linked to below is to provide swimmers, parents, child care providers and other swimming pool patrons with a few guidelines to help them determine if the lifeguards at the pool they go to are doing their jobs properly.


this page of links includes free downloads of books when I can find them:


Giant bubble rings !


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