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Hiroyo Kaneko is a photographer currently based in Oakland, CA. She was born in Aomori, Japan, received her M.F.A. from the SF Art Institute and a B.A. in French Literature from Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo. Her work has been exhibited extensively in the U.S. and Japan at spaces including the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo and the San Francisco MoMA. Kaneko is a recipient of the Santa Fe Prize for Photography 2009 and winner of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Photography Portfolio Competition 2012.

Classes I Teach

Spring 2024

01719PHTG 101YBasic Photography
01727PHTG 765ZExploring Visual Expression
47657PHTG 30101YBasic Photography

Winter 2024

01772PHTG 101YBasic Photography
37140PHTG 450YIntroduction to Digital Photography
33659PHTG 763ZExploring Visual Expression
37530PHTG 30101YBasic Photography
37538PHTG 30450YIntroduction to Digital Photography

Faculty Info

Hiroyo Kaneko

Hiroyo Kaneko
Part-Time Faculty





  • MFA, Photography, San Francisco Art Institute
  • BA, French Literature, Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo

Office Hours

Spring Quarter 2018

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