Biology 45 Introduction to Human Nutrition

This 4-unit course is a detailed, in-depth scientific look at the basics of nutrition, with an emphasis on disease prevention and treatment.  This course is offered every quarter (including the summer quarter, in the condensed 6 week format). 

Before you can register for Biology 45 you must have taken and passed the prerequisites (BIOL 40 A, B and C -- Anatomy and Physiology). If you're hoping to add this class, I cannot give you an add code (even if there is space in the class) until you have received clearance for the prerequisites. I am not able to expedite or circumvent that process.

The syllabus is provided as a web-based "liquid" syllabus. (On the first page there is a link to a traditional, printable syllabus as a pdf file)

Fall 2023 Syllabus

FYI: There are no required synchronous lectures either on campus or on Zoom for Bio 45

However, there are times that you will need to be on Zoom.  Exams will be taken online on specific days, at specific times (with a choice of times on those dates), while on Zoom with video enabled.

The dates for the 5 Exams for fall quarter are:

  • Exam 1 Tuesday Oct 17
  • Exam 2 Tuesday Oct 31
  • Exam 3 Tuesday Nov 14
  • Exam 4 Tuesday Nov 28
  • Exam 5 Tuesday Dec 12
  • You choose one of the following times to take exams 1-4 (45 minute exams):  7:30  pm or 8:30 pm
  • Exam 5 (1 hour exam) will be offered at 7:30 pm and 8:45 pm
  • FYI: The lowest of the 5 exam scores gets dropped. So if you take Exams 1-4 and you're happy with your scores, you do not need to take Exam 5.

Have any questions about this? e-mail me at

Even if you've taken online courses before, watch this very short video (<3 min) to gain realistic expectations about taking classes online:  What it takes to be a successful online student

You WILL learn lots of useful and interesting things about food, nutrition, eating, our relationship with food and much more. This class not only will help you become a better RN, but it will help YOU and your family to experience good health.

Yes, this is an academically rigorous course -- it will require at least 15 hours of your time each week -- but lots and lots of students get As. :-) There are "easy points" plus some Bonus Points to earn to improve your class standing.

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