Classes I Teach

Winter 2022

30360ES 150ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies
35703ES 151ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies
36364ES 153ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies
37733ES 450ZEnergy, the Environment, and Society

Fall 2021

25405ES 151ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies
25406ES 152ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies
26797ES 155ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies
26063ES 450ZEnergy, the Environment, and Society



I teach ES 1- Introduction to Environmental Studies (GE Transferable), ES 4- Energy, the Environment & Society (GE Transferable), ES 69A- Introduction to Facilities Management, and ES 95- Introduction to Environmental Careers.

My commitment as your instructor whether I'm teaching on campus or online:

  • A WELL ORGANIZED, thoughtful and thought provoking class
  • An engaging, interactive, AND enjoyable learning experience
  • All of my classes are designated as NO COST TEXTBOOK classes making them VERY AFFORDABLE for everyone
  • A course examining, exploring, and analyzing today's environmental challenges and solutions
  • Interactive assignments and exercises demonstrating how you personally impact and can help improve the environment
  • VERY focused and relevant homework assignments
  • Interesting lectures and assignments that inspire critical thought, analysis and intellectual curiosity
  • A promise to respond to your emails and inquiries within hours
  • A promise to grade your work and provide feedback no later than 48 hours after you submit it.
  • A PERSONAL commitment to get to know you and any obstacles to learning you may have, to meet you where you are academically, and to provide the resources and support you need to be successful in my class and in life.

97% of students who've rated me would take my class again!


1Environmental Studies and Facility Management Instructor- There isn't anything more important or satisfying I could be doing with my life right now than teaching young people. We're currently facing many environmental, social and economic challenges that will continue into the future. We collectively need to find solutions to these problems - NOW!  Each academic year, I'm provided an amazing opportunity to make students aware of the environmental challenges we face and more importantly, inspire them to be part of the solution. Consider taking one of my classes. I'll provide a great interactive learning environment, a thoughtful and interesting lesson plan, and I promise you'll learn more than you expected while having FUN at the same time.

2) CTE Program Coordinator for the Energy Management/ Building Science (EMBS) and Facility and Sustainable Building Management (FSBM) CTE Programs- If four year College transfer is not a desire or option for you, consider one of our Department's three Career Technical Education Programs. Find a great living wage career (not job) after earning a 2 Year Certificate or Degree with us. Many of our students find full time employment within 3 months of graduating. The State of California is focused on clean energy, pollution prevention, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainability in the built environment. This critical and environmentally focused push is providing great and well paying career opportunities for students in our programs now and into the future.


De Anza College is in my DNA and a part of my life. I first enrolled as a student at De Anza in 1975 (A LONG, LONG TIME AGO!). After a 29 year professional career in the private sector, I decided to make a career change. I re-enrolled at De Anza in 2008 to take a few solar energy classes and in the process I earned an Energy Management and Building Science AA Degree. In 2010, I was flattered when I was asked to join the Department faculty as a part time instructor. In 2016, I was hired full time and was asked to overhaul the Energy Management/Building. Science program. In 2020, I became tenured.

I firmly believe we all learn differently. Being a parent of two adult children taught me school comes easy to some and others have to work really, really hard. The common denominator in each case is intellectual curiosity and the desire to learn and grow. As your instructor, I believe in critical thinking and analysis and finding creative solutions to the obstacles and challenges we all face. These are lifelong skills you'll need regardless of the educational major or career path you've chosen.

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Faculty Info

Bill Roeder
Full Time and Tenured Environmental Studies Classroom Instructor, CTE Program Coordinator-Energy Management/Building Science AND Facility and Sustainable Building Management. 

Environmental Studies and Science

KC 241B


BS Business Administration (Marketing), California State University Chico; AA - Energy Management and Climate Policy, De Anza College

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