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Jayanti Tambe Roy is a professor of Child Development at De Anza College. She is the President-elect of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the CA AEYC. She was the Executive Director of UCLA's Early Care and Education. She is a published author of the books, "An Alphabet Soup of STEM", "The Art of Math and Science" and "A Kaleidoscope of Children." She is a Peer Reviewer for NAEYC's Higher Education Accreditation. As Assistant Professor and Director of for the Institute for Community Research & Education (Pacific Oaks College), she specialized in Early Childhood Education. As Assistant Professor, Jayanti was credited with creating Pacific Oaks College's Trauma Specialization in Early Childhood. Prior to joining the PO faculty, Jayanti served as the Interim Executive Director for Pacific Oaks Children's School (POCS) where she provided educational leadership, oversaw the day to day operations, and managed all of the children's programs based on the principles of constructivism and experiential based education.

Prior to this, Jayanti was a Master Teacher with POCS since the fall of 2011. Throughout this time she continued her work in the college classrooms of Santa Monica College, De Anza College and Pacific Oaks College. She also served as the director of the Rainbow School and Pepper Tree School at Stanford University.

Jayanti is experienced in both Title 22 and Title 5 programs. She has both nationally and internationally demonstrated abilities to adapt teaching methods and materials to students individual learning styles and cultural differences. She can speak several languages and considers this to be an asset while working with diverse families. She is committed to family engagement practicesin the ECE setting, and in June 2010, was recognized for her efforts at the NAEYC Institute where Rainbow School, the program she supervisedwas recognized as one of the ten exemplary programs for engaging diversity. She is the recepient of the Rose Engel Award (CAEYC 2010) for innovation in taching practices.

Through her appointment by several national associations, institutes and universities, she has been widely accredited for her innovation in teaching practices.

Classes I Teach

Spring 2024

47081CD 51A01Basic Student Teaching Practicum
47082CD 51A02Basic Student Teaching Practicum
47083CD 51B01Advanced Student Teaching Practicum
47084CD 51B02Advanced Student Teaching Practicum
48190CD 5261ZObservation and Assessment of Children
48244CD 542CFCurriculum for Early Childhood Programs
47531CD 6761ZSupervision and Administration of Child Development Programs (Adult Supervision)

Winter 2024

35191CD 51A01Basic Student Teaching Practicum
35193CD 51A02Basic Student Teaching Practicum
35194CD 51B01Advanced Student Teaching Practicum
35196CD 51B02Advanced Student Teaching Practicum
37174CD 5201ZObservation and Assessment of Children
38605CD 580CYFInfant/Toddler Development
38252CD 6801ZTeaching in a Diverse Society

Faculty Info

Jayanti Roy

Jayanti Roy
Full-time Faculty

Child Development and Education



CDC 38


MA Human Development        PhD in Transformative Social Change (in progress)

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