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Lisa Teng is a visual artist born and raised in Taiwan. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Teng mainly uses photography, video and audio as her mediums to explore how memories play a role in traumatic life events. She works closely with her subjects and reconstructs their stories to create fictionalized moments, based on the actual facts of their circumstances, in pictorial form. Her art therefore acts as a witness to the past. She found her passion for image-making when she was a photo student at De Anza College.  This led her to pursuit her studies in graduate school.  She received a Master of Fine Arts degree from San José State University and her work has been exhibited in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Iran.

Classes I Teach

Spring 2024

01723PHTG 102YBasic Photography
48683PHTG 201Intermediate Photography
48684PHTG 301Advanced Photography
48685PHTG 5401Experimental Photography
47658PHTG 30102YBasic Photography
48686PHTG 30301Advanced Photography

Winter 2024

01774PHTG 102YBasic Photography
01777PHTG 401YIntroduction to Digital Photography
30117PHTG 550YIntermediate Digital Photography
38635PHTG 601Photography Production Laboratory
37534PHTG 30102YBasic Photography
37537PHTG 30401YIntroduction to Digital Photography
37540PHTG 30550YIntermediate Digital Photography

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Lisa Teng

Lisa Teng





M.F.A. San Jose State University

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