Figuring out what classes to take, and when to take them can be confusing. Here are some tips.

In General

  • Register early! Some classes fill quickly and others are cancelled before the quarter starts if they don't have enough students registered. 
  • Take foundation classes first. They prepare you for our advanced classes.


Some animation courses aren't offered every quarter. Please check with Film/TV faculty when planning.

Manage your Workload

  • Take only 2 production classes per quarter, if possible
  • Consider summer classes for GE requirements and common degree requirements like F/TV 20, ARTS 4A, and ARTS 4C. This is so you can focus on your animation classes during the rest of the year. (Some of these classes can be taken at Foothill College too.) 

Make an Education Plan 

  • Talk to our wonderful career services counselors as soon as possible to create an Education Plan that meets your goals.
  • If you're hoping to transfer into SJSU's Animation/Illustration program, you'll need to maintain an extremely high GPA during your time at De Anza. The program currently has a non-negotiable GPA requirement of 3.9 for admission. Take your time and don't overload yourself each quarter, so you can do well in each class.
  • Foundation Courses

    ARTS 4A Beginning Drawing
    ARTS 4C Life Drawing
    F/TV 6A Screenwriting Fundamentals For Film/Video I
    F/TV 20 Beginning Video Production
    F/TV 66A Basic Techniques of Animation: Stop-Motion
    F/TV 67A Principles of Animation: 2D Media
    F/TV 75G History of Animation (1900-Present)

    • Digital Imaging Course (choose one) 
      • ARTS 54 Introduction to Graphic Design: Digital Imaging
      • PHTG 58A Photographic Photoshop I
  • Advanced Courses

    F/TV 68A Sound for Animation
    F/TV 70A The Storyboard and Visual Development for Animation
    F/TV 71G Introduction to 3D Computer Animation: Modeling
    F/TV 71H Introduction to 3D Computer Animation: Character Motion
    F/TV 72G Animated Film Pre-Production Workshop
    F/TV 72H Animated Film Production Workshop
    F/TV 72J Animated Film Post-Production Workshop

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