Program Reviews

2021-2022 Program Review Areas

  • College Fiscal Services - incl. Student Accounts
  • College Operations - incl. Custodial Operations, Facilities Rental, Grounds Operations, Postal Services, Printing
  • Dining Services

Bookstore is now run by Follett Higher Education Group. Cashiering and Child Development Center no longer report through Administrative Services.

2016-17 Program Reviews/AUO Updates

Program Reviews AUOs
Bookstore & Printing Services Bookstore & Printing Services
Budget & Personnel Budget & Personnel
Cashiering Cashiering
Child Development Center Child Development Center
College Operations College Operations
Custodial Operations Custodial Operations
Dining Services Dining Services
Facilities Rental Facilities Rental
Finance & College Operations Finance & College Operations
Grounds Operations Grounds Operations
Postal Services Postal Services
Student Accounts Student Accounts

2015-16 Year of Reflection No Updates

2014-15 Program Reviews/AUO Updates

2012-13 Program Reviews/AUO Updates

2010-11 Program Reviews / AUOs

Program Reviews Administrative Unit Outcomes
Bookstore Program Review Bookstore AUO
Budget Analyst Program Review Budget Analyst AUO
Cashier Program Review Cashier AUO
Child Development Center Program Review Child Development Center AUO
Custodial Operations Program Review Custodial Operations AUO
Dining Services Program Review Dining Services AUO
Evening Coordinator / Facilities Rental Program Review Evening Coordinator / Facilities Rental AUO
Grounds Operations Program Review Grounds Operations AUO
OTI Program Review OTI AUO
Payroll Program Review Payroll AUO
Personnel Program Review Personnel AUO
Postal Services Program Review Postal Services AUO
Printing Services Program Review Printing Services AUO
Student Accounts Program Review Student Accounts AUO 10_11Student Accounts AUO 09_10
TRG Program Review TRG AUO

2008-09 Program Reviews

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