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Date: February 11, 2020
Time: 2-3 p.m.
Location: ADM 109

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2-2:05 Approval of Notes from November 12, 2019 A Grey/Gore
    2:05-2:20 College Planning Committee Report on Student Equity & Achievement Program (SEA) I Grey
    2:20-2:40 De Anza Carryforward I Grey
    2:40-2:55 Community Benefit Initiative (CBI) Update. De Anza Event Center


    2:55-3 p.m. Quick News



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    APBT Notes from February 11, 2020

     Approval of Notes November 12, 2019

    The notes were approved.

    College Planning Committee Report on Student Equity & Achievement Program (SEA)

    College Planning Committee Report on Student Equity & Achievement Program (SEA)

    The committee  reviewed the new requirements and opportunities pertaining to the Student Equity & Achievement (SEA) Program funding.  The Chancellor's Office presentation named  SEA Program Changes explains that BSI, SSSP & Equity funds are now combined into the SEA Program.  A presentation on what is and is not allowable with SEA funds was shared: SEA Program Expenditures Guidelines. along with an overview of the budget and allocations for SSP, BSI and Student Equity. More detail can be found at the College Planning Committee web site

     De Anza Carryforward

    Grey presented the De Anza carryforward analysis as of February 2020. Based on information at the present time, the projections through to the FY 22/23 year predict a sharply declining end fund balance resulting in a budget deficit of approx. $640,000 by FY 20/21. By the end of FY 22/23 the projections reflect a budget deficit of approx. $3.6M. Grey would clarify if the $1.5M general reserve revenue is mandated by the district. Grey reminded the members that the figures are estimates only and that many issues could greatly impact these projections.

    Community Benefit Initiative (CBI) Update. De Anza Event Center

    Community Benefit Initiative (CBI) Update. De Anza Event Center

    Following the governing board's action to permanently close the Flint Center and initiate a plan to build a new facility at the June 10, 2019, Board of Trustees meeting, the district convened the Community Benefit Initiative Steering Committee to begin the process of developing an action plan that would lead to the development of proposals for a new facility by the end of 2020. Updates regarding the initiative have been given to the governing board each month, and the action plan was presented at the October 7, 2019, meeting. The project was dubbed the Community Benefit Initiative to serve as a reminder of the governing board's directive that proposals for the new facility should be designed to benefit the entire community, prioritizing De Anza College and its students, but also considering the needs of nearby residents and the public at large. In response to internal and external community input, the Community Benefit Initiative will now be referred to as the De Anza Event Center.

    At the February 3, 2020 Board Meeting, in voting to replace the Flint Center, the Board of Trustees specified that any replacement facility should:

    • directly serve the instructional and student services needs of De Anza
    • to extent possible meet the needs of the community for a cultural venue and civic meeting space
    • and, if possible, generate revenue

    Since July of 2019, numerous conversations with internal and external stakeholders, developers, investors, architects, county agencies, school districts, and nonprofit housing organizations have led us to conclude that building on the Flint Center footprint and possible surrounding areas needs to occur in two phases.   Such phasing is consistent with the Update to the De Anza College Facilities Master Plan 2016-Fall 2019 presented to the Board of Trustees on November 25, 2019:

    Phase 1 Build the De Anza Event Center

    Phase 2  Build student and faculty housing which may or may not be on the De Anza Campus

    FHDA is connecting with numerous agencies and programs that can assist our students with housing NOW since any building we do will take years.

    Updates regarding the De Anza Event Center are available to the community at the following link on the district's website

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