Meeting Notes - February 23, 2018

Approve Notes from January 19, 2018

The notes were approved with the addition of "Instructional Equipment" to paragraph 3 under Budget Reduction Proposals. The paragraph now reads: "Scheduled maintenance/Instructional Equipment funding is historically where money is taken from when other funding projects take precedent".

Complete AUO assessments for Accreditation

Cheu reminded the team that the AUO assessments must be complete and posted to TracDat by the end of February.

Program Reviews updates and AUO assessment should be done directly in TracDat at:

Review Draft Tier 3 Budget Reduction Proposal

Districtwide enrollment is down through Winter approx. 900 FTES.

The new state funding formula is still unclear.

Cheu, reluctantly, presented the draft tier 3 budget reduction proposal. Despite a thorough discussion with the area managers and a full analysis of the budget, Cheu reported that there is no way to meet the division reduction target of $450k without loss of positions. She shared that it was hoped that the positions identified would be vacant, through attrition, by the July 1, 2019 implementation date so no staff would lose their jobs. Cheu reminded the team that the division added one grounds and one custodial position over the last two years to recover previously lost positions. 

After review of the impacts of the draft reductions, there was a discussion on various topics including:

Amount and size of trash cans and potential rodent issues.
Regulations do not allow for union work to be performed by contractors without following the district process.
Request to have more information on the Bookstore reorganization proposal prior to making a decision. 
Cashiering position is being filled as it directly serves students. 
Students like to have nice facilities and feel proud of their educational institution.
There is stiff competition from other area community colleges that also have new/remodeled facilities.
Other colleges are offering free tuition.
Marketing department is using drone images in a YouTube advertisement. Flying drones over the campus when students are in session is inadvisable, Drone flying is regulated and a license and insurance is needed.
Mountain View high school students only hear about Foothill not De Anza. 

Any comments/suggestions/questions should be directed to the co-chairs prior to the next meeting. Any discussion on the changes to the draft plan will be shared via email as there is no time to schedule another meeting before the March 16th meeting. Cheu requested the team be ready to make a final decision on the plan at the March meeting as it has to go to College Council.

College Operations Division Report

Grey reported back on the College Operations division meeting where she presented an overview of the budget situation. The division brainstormed for ideas and had an indepth discussion on increasing revenue from facilities rentals. Grey is working with Instruction on more efficient use of facilities - especially VPAC.

Quick News


Present: Cheu, Fritz, Gerard, Gore, Grey, Harada, Smith. Notes Gibson. Apologies: Varela.

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