Key Information

District Budget Office

Business Services is responsible for coordinating the development of the District's annual budget. A Tentative Budget is prepared by the Budget Office in conjunction with the campuses for Board approval in June. A final budget is prepared in August, once the state has passed its budget and the district has closed the prior fiscal year.

The Budget Office prepares three quarterly reports for the quarters ending September 30, December 31 and March 31.

District Budget Office Staff:

  • Sirisha Pingali, Director, Budget Operations & Grants
  • Raine Phan, District Financial Analyst

De Anza Campus Fiscal Services Staff:

  • Martin Varela, Director, Campus Fiscal Services
  • Hieu Nguyen, Campus Budget Analyst

District Grants Office

District grants staff are responsible for the fiscal monitoring of federal, state and local grants. They also provide guidance to staff and administrators in the management of funding included in restricted and categorical, special education, federal work study, child development, student financial aid, and scholarship and loan trust funds.

District Grants Staff:

  • Mario Murillo, Grants Monitor/Senior Accountant
  • Jesse Perez, Accountant
  • Lena Tang, Accountant

De Anza Campus Grants Staff

  • None
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