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Date: January 21, 2022
Time: 10:45-11:30

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    10:45-11:30 Carryforward Scenarios including option 5
    R | Chair Recommendation postponed from 01/19/2022 meeting to allow for members to confer with constituents.
    Hansen shared an FA suggestion, Scenario 4. FA understands how important these positions are to the college and suggested to use all 2021-22 SRP funding ($863,937) now to support the college’s unfunded positions listed. FA notes that all these SRP positions are faculty positions that are unfilled but still on the District’s books. Next year, when the 2022-23 SRP money ($604,755) is discussed, FA would like to see that these faculty positions are considered in the context of a larger general discussion of vacant faculty positions and budgeting throughout the District. 2022-23 SRP money allocation proposal to College Council will be under the purview of BTF and all constituent groups are represented. Vacant faculty money is re-directed to 1320 (part-time faculty). Unfunded counseling position will be eliminated once the faculty member retires. The position will remain in carryforward until such time. Scenario 2 & 3 & 5 counselor position will remain in carryforward. Positions listed as bookstore have been reassigned to student support areas on campus such as A&R & FAID. Carryforward money is for the whole campus, supplements B budgets, and is one-time temporary funding. Fiscal services options were built on budget analysis. De Anza post-pandemic is a very different campus with steep decline in enrollment and recent demand for mental health, counseling, closing the equity gaps, and student support. There are many underfunded departments/programs and the campus must take time for a thoughtful and thorough review of where the funding is needed and not fill as per past practice. Agreement to make an Option 5 which would leave the prior options as a record of the discussions. 
    Unanimous approval of Option 5. Use the 1st release of SRP dollars to fund the carryforward positions except for the one counseling position which will remain in carryforward. Grey will request this recommendation be placed on the next College Council agenda for review and approval. All figures are estimates based on projections.
          Not on the agenda: Agreement to keep the next meeting on 02/08/2022. Will poll committee to find new time.

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    Budget Task Force Meeting  
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    Adam C. 2
    Adam Contreras 61
    Cheryl Jaeger Balm 68
    Christina G. Espinosa-Pieb (she#her# ella) 67
    Derrick E Felton 62
    Eric Mendoza 67
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    Martin Varela 69
    Pam Grey 67
    Pippa Gibson 66
    Rich Hansen (Rich Hansen - FHDA) 68
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    Vins Chacko 67

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