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Date: February 8, 2022
Time: 3-4 p.m.

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    Discussion Leader
    Action | Notes
    3:00 Approved notes from 1/19/2022 & 1/21/2022 A | Chair  Approved
    3:05 Finalize February and March 2022 meeting dates and times

    Week of Feb 21 choose either 2/23 @ 3pm or 2/24 @ 10am.

    Week of March 7 choose either 3/8 @ 10am or 3/9 @ 2:30pm

    Week of March 21 choose either 3/23 @ 3pm or 3/21 @ 2:30pm (this is finals week and governance groups do not normally meet)
    A| Chair 2/23 @ 3pm
    3/8 @ 10am
    3/21 @ 2:30pm if needed
    3:15 Carryforward Scenario 5 Recommendation will be on College Council 2/17 agenda I | Chair
    3:16 Available Budget for Instructional Division Hiring I/D/R | Espinosa-Pieb/Chair/Varela To address the changing needs of the college and equity goals, recommendation to re-frame available positions as available dollars. $691,150 = 8 faculty vacant positions. Keenly aware of other needs within the instructional area. Proposal to hire four of the vacant positions as per the IPBT 2022/23 approved faculty hiring list. Remaining dollar amount will go back to IPBT for allocation to whichever positions (classified/faculty/manager) they approve. Pivot from chasing FTES to funding for student success and providing quality services. This money should stay in instruction this year as there are needs within the instructional area. FON. No less than 50% faculty. 2nd tranche of the SRP is still to be discussed along with other funds coming to the campus via the district.
    3:40 Third review of the  About the Budget Task Force Draft Charge & Draft Guiding Principles D/A | Chair Approve the charge and guiding principles. Postponed from 1/19/2022. Remove: Members will maintain respect for team discussions. Clarify the membership and set up of the taskforce.
    3:55 Next meeting agenda items All Invite Susan Cheu, Vice Chancellor, Business Services and Raquel Puentes, Exec Dir, Fiscal Services to talk about district allocation of money for replacement of vacant FTF; more equity-driven way of budget allocation rather than the current 60/40 split; delta between outgoing faculty salary and incoming faculty salary, etc.  Real conversation to help college understand how this works from a non-fiscal perspective.  How does De Aza position itself to talk about growth positions? Need to talk about De Anza's long-term strategic goals and resources. How does De Anza make sure we have enough new additional resources (not repurposing current money) to address growing and new needs e.g. growth in guided pathways, equity goals, counseling support services. There is a lot of grant (onetime money) coming in. Board has directed FHDA to change the way we are doing things. It is no longer about student head count it’s about equity and quality and student success. FON and 50% law are restrictions. There was a plan to include the non-instructional faculty be included in the 50% law. Reminder that administrative services supports the whole college and also have needs. 

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information
    R = Recommendation

    Meeting ID 2/8/22 15:01
    94625969133 2/8/22 15:59
    Budget Task Force | Special Meeting for Recommendation of Carryforward Scenarios  
    Name (Original Name) Total Duration (Minutes)
    Adam C. 8
    Adam Contreras 24
    Christina G. Espinosa-Pieb (she#her# ella) 56
    Dawn Lee (she/they) 57
    Derrick E Felton 20
    Eric Mendoza 58
    Fiza Syed 28
    Martin Varela 55
    Pam Grey 58
    Pippa Gibson 59
    Rich Hansen 59
    Rob Mieso 57
    Sushini Chand 42
    Vins Chacko 23

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