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Date: March 8, 2022
Time: 10:00-11:00
Location: Zoom

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    10:00 Raquel Puentes, Exec Dir, Fiscal Services & Sirisha Pingali, Director, Budget Operations                         I/D | Chair Welcome to Lisa Kirk the new ACE rep. Welcome to visitors Raquel Puentes, Exec Dir, Fiscal Services & Sirisha Pingali, Director, Budget Operations.
    In 2018/19 De Anza’s share of the total budget deficit was $8.8M. DA committed not laying off any classified personnel. Classified SRP positions were eliminated or replaced. Agreement was only to freeze faculty SRP positions for 3-years. PTF can backfill FTF, but this is not an option for classified positions. District has been in deficit budget cycle for many years. Budget taskforce was set up last year when thought district was on the way to a basic aid/community supported budget model. Turned out not to be the case due to ERAF (page8)  & hold-harmless. So far, the taskforce has discussed the 1st tranche SRP money, NEW FTF money, and  vacant 2022/23 instructional positions.  During discussions number of questions arose: What happens to money difference from the $86k base for new faculty and  full salary and benefits of  outgoing faculty? Some districts not included the cost of benefits in NEW FTF funds, why did FHDA? Where is benefit money from the faculty SRP positions held?  Why did district not use the FH 0.3% and add to DA 13.9% and allow DA to hire 14 not 13 FTF?
    District uses $113k for new faculty with brand new funding because benefits need to be covered as well. District uses $86k for vacant positions as benefits are already built into budget. $2.6M in NEW FTF positions were budgeted at $113k (includes salary $86k and benefits $27k). The district covers the salary & benefits – whatever the actual cost is for the new hire. Inherited data of $113k is likely low. District is revisiting the average base salary and benefits cost. The difference of outgoing and incoming salary goes towards position control. Overall district has 1200 positions. Each year position control changes with step and column; awards; longevity; academic awards (e.g. doctorate); cost of benefits (the average rate of benefits is for two individuals but many new hires have a family); PAA; PGA, etc. Additional salary costs are adjusted within the year at the district level, so the campus does not pay the difference. Carryfoward position benefits were being paying from one-time money. What happens to the money set aside for the benefits for the SRP positions? Numbers need to be firmed up to show if there is additional funding available from SRP money that De Anza can use.  60/40 split has been in place for years. Historically only deviation of approx. 2% of FTES. As of 3-years ago are in SCFF (student centered funding formula) where revenue is only 70% based on FTES. Moving to SCFF/basic aid/community supported need to come up with other metrics for allocations. Need to re-look at a new funding model to include the district as well. SCFF hold harmless until 2025. SCFF may be extended beyond 2025 but very tentative. “SCFF cliff” is significant concern. Negative ERAF has severely impacted FHDA which has trended in the wrong direction for entering into basic aid.  In general, the district looks stable with the caveat that 1) non-resident enrollment has declined by approx. 40% ($10M loss over 5-years).  Masked by COLA and HEERF. This year non-resident student enrollment is very concerning. 2) Negotiations. 
    Demographics of the district in 2019 total staff: FH = 691 DA = 980 CS  =199. Concern that De Anza greatly understaffed. Need to look at the figures for restricted and un-restricted dollars e.g. OEI funds the district approx. $20M but does not seem to benefit De Anza. District will work on a project to analyze the figures in tandem with looking at new allocation metrics. Request for district and DA to move the carryforward positions to on-going funding. Puentes will look into question of why FHDA used NEW FTF  fund to cover benefits and will ask other districts how they covered  benefits and who made the decision.  Puentes will ask VC Cheu about decision to allocate DA 13 positions rather than 14. 
    10:30 Discussion of 2nd tranche of SRP funding released in FY 2022-23 D | Chair  Postponed until next meeting.
    10:55 Next meeting agenda items All Discussion of 2nd tranche of SRP funding released in FY 2022-23

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