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Date: December 1, 2022
Time: 4-5pm

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    At the College Council retreat held on Oct. 21, 2022, a decision was made to move forward with implementation of the Program Allocation Committee (PAC) that was proposed by the Shared Governance Task Force.  The draft implementation plan includes proposal to replace the Budget Task Force with a permanent Budget Advisory Committee (BAC). Thus, the December 2022 Budget Task Force meeting will be the last. Please click this link for updates on governance review status.

    December 1, 2022. Members requested another meeting to continue discussion on BAC mission, membership & interaction with PAC and College Council. 1.5hrs.

    Time Agenda Item Purpose |
    Discussion Leader
    4:00pm Approve notes from 05/25/2022 A | Chair  Notes were approved
    4:05pm Carryforward I | Varela Varela shared and explained the DA carryforward Ending Fund Balance (EFB) 12/01/2022. Projections FY 2022-23 EFB $504,399. FY 2023-24 EFB -$196,676. De Anza is sorely underfunded. Open discussions with the district in a large forum regarding resource review and allocation models. Looking at decisions being made in time for the next fiscal year 2023/2024.
    4:15pm Structure and mission of proposed new Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) and how it will interact with Program Allocation Committee (PAC) & College Council D/R | All The new Governance Review  model suggests a new ongoing participatory governance group will be set up named the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC). PAC  coordinator is Cheryl Balm. PAC will write own charge. Still to be determined how the PAC and BAC will interact. BAC mission & membership questions. Proposed new governance model calls for a lot of crossover between PAC & BAC. BAC would need a faculty/classified co-chair with in-depth fiscal knowledge in order to agendize and lead meetings. Question of if BAC is to be a budget training & information sharing group if it is needed. If PAC is the group with the mission & role of making budget allocation recommendations to College Council then suggestion that it is key that PAC members directly receive fiscal information & budget training to enable them to make informed decisions. Examples of decisions to be made: NEW faculty funds;  instructional faculty vs. non-instructional faculty vs. classified vs. management staffing levels; instruction vs. student services vs. administrative services vs. equity staffing needs.  Restricted funding allocations e.g. student equity and achievement/lottery/instructional equipment/strong workforce, etc. BAC & PAC should know what funding sources can be used for what expenses. Mandatory hire example:  new BA Auto Tech faculty.  PAC would not make a hiring recommendation but for transparency need to be aware of the request, funding source, allocation of budget and rationale.
    4:45pm District Budget Advisory Committee (DBAC) and Budget Allocation Discussion/Proposal D | All Attend  DBAC meetings as discussing re-visioning the funding model for the district. Fresh, non-technical views of resource allocation model for the future are encouraged. De Anza reduced "B" budgets to keep personnel.
    4:55pm Training Suggestions A | All Partly discussed in item 3. District and De Anza fiscal staff provided multiple trainings in 2022 for the members.

    Information sharing: Compendium of Allocations and Resources 2022-23 and Budget 2023-24 have been added to the District & State Budget Info page.

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information
    R = Recommendation

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    Budget Task Force Meeting  
    Name (Original Name) Total Duration (Minutes)
    Adam Contreras 67
    Cheryl Jaeger Balm 72
    Christina G. Espinosa-Pieb (she#her# ella) 70
    Derrick E Felton 53
    Eric Mendoza 65
    Erick Aragon 66
    Martin Varela 70
    Pam Grey 71
    Pippa Gibson 75
    Rob Mieso 67
    Sarah Wallace 68
    Tim Shively 62

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