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Date: January 25, 2021
Time: 2:30-3:30pm

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:30-2:35 Welcome and Introductions - Membership I Grey/Mahato
    2:35-2:40 Review Campus Center Advisory Board purpose I Grey/Mahato
    2:40-2:45 Review/approve notes from May 4, 2020 meeting A Grey

    Campus Center Dining Room Floor

    I Lockwood

    Quick News



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    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Campus Center Advisory Board

    Meeting Notes - January 25, 2021 

    Welcome and Introductions

    Pam Grey, Vice President, Administrative Services welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the academic year and everyone introduced themselves. Pam Grey introduced Jennifer Mahato, De Anza’s new Director of College Operations. In her new role, Jennifer Mahato will now be chairing the Campus Center Advisory Board.

    Review CCAB purpose

    The Campus Center Advisory Board purpose was reviewed. The Campus Center is a building used heavily by and is mainly a hub for the students. The main focus of this committee is to review and make improvements to the Campus Center.

    Review/approve notes from the May 4, 2020 meeting

    The meeting notes from May 4, 2020 were reviewed and approved.

    Campus Center Dining Room Floor

    As discussed at the May 4, 2020 meeting, the Campus Center dining room floor was damaged due to a domestic water leak. The damaged area was a small area in front of the food vendor stands inside the dining room area.  Due to the Covid-19 SIP it has been difficult to schedule the flooring repair.  Rather than just repair the small area that had been damaged, it would be a good opportunity to replace the entire Campus Center flooring while there are no students or employees in the immediate area (no impact to the use of the facility). The floor was recently tested for hazardous materials, those areas were identified and the hazardous materials were removed by a qualified contractor.

     Pictures of three finish color samples of the proposed flooring were brought to the meeting so the members could have an opportunity to review the options. The flooring samples shown reflect a natural aesthetic that is both timeless and durable, as well as easy and sustainable in regards to maintenance. The samples shown are a 6” porcelain tile that have the appearance of wood in a light, medium and dark tone.

    There was a discussion to decide the best way to select the final flooring finish color, either online or in-person. It was shared that it is important to get more input from the students about the finish color choices. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it is difficult to bring students and staff onto campus to do an on-site/in-person review. It is important to be mindful this effort of bringing people on site would require the coordination of campus police and college operations to ensure everyone’s safety.

    The choice for the flooring finish color should be completed by the first part of March 2021 (to meet the project schedule). Pictures of the finish color options discussed today will be brought to the next DASB Senate meeting and will be reviewed and polled by the students. There will be a quick check-in meeting to select the final flooring finish color at the next Campus Center Advisory Board meeting.

    Quick News

    It was shared there has been a CARES federal aid package with approximately $14m for De Anza with at least $3.6m going directly to students. Students can visit the De Anza Financial Aid website for more information.The next Campus Center Advisory Board meeting will be scheduled after February 3, 2021

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