List of Former EOM Award Recipients


 Month  Employee Name  Department
 December 2019  Chrissy Parker  Transfer Center
 November 2019  Ambrocine Rodriguez  Outreach Office 
 October 2019  Tina Lockwood  College Operations 

 * - Names followed by an asterisk in the sections below sindicate the employee is a repeat EOM Award Recipient


 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2019  Precious Gerardo *  Physical Education & Athletics
 May 2019  Concepcion Alderete *  Custodial Services 
 April 2019  Annie Yukbing Kong *  Custodial Services
 March 2019  Diana Contreras *  Assessment Center
 February 2019  Greg  Salas  Disability Support Services
 January 2019  Gio Supnet  Health Services Office
 December 2018  Sharon Stoeckle  Bookstore
 November 2018  Adriana Garcia  Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multiculturalism
 October 2018 Sally Gore *  College Operations


 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2018  No EOM Recipient
 May 2018  C.J. Jones* Physical Education & Athletics
 April 2018  Precious Gerardo * Physical Education & Athletics
 March 2018  Kanako Suda  Student Success Center
 February 2018  Shawnnie White  Transfer Center 
 January 2018  Patrick Dowling *  Student Success Center
 December 2017  Chia Wen  Photography 
 November 2017  Scott Olsen  Educational Technology Services (ETS) @ DA
 October 2017  Heidi King *  Online Education 


 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2017  Satinder Kaur  Biology
 May 2017  Alfredo Estrada  Custodial Services
 April 2017  Veronica Aparicio  Admissions & Records Office
 March 2017  Jayme Brown  Bookstore
 February 2017  No EOM Recipient
 January 2017  Concepcion Alderete *  Custodial Services
 December 2016  Vanessa Smith  Office of Communications
 November 2016  Michael Galindo  Disability Support Services
 October 2016  Paul Buxton  Custodial Services


 Month  Employee Name  Department
  June 2016  No EOM recipient information reported
 May 2016   Andrea Santa Cruz  International Student Programs
 April 2016   Duc Phan *  Printing Services
 March 2016   Matt Trosper  Physical Education & Athletics
 February 2016   Maria Salazares *  Custodial Services
 January 2016   No EOM recipient information reported
 December 2015   No EOM recipient information reported
 November 2015   Margarita Hawthorn *  Community Education
 October 2015   McTate Stroman  Financial Aid Office

2014 and prior years

Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2015  Hannah Pahl  Disability Support Programs and Services
 May 2015  Victoria Kahler  Student Success Center
 April 2015  Sofia Abad *  Occupational Training Institute
 March 2015  Kent McGee *  Admissions & Records Office
 February 2015
 Ed Breault *  Marketing & Communications Office
 January 2015  Adam Contreras  Custodial Services
 December 2014  Marty Khan *  Technology Resources Group
 November 2014  Kimberly Fukuyama  Educational Diagnostic Center (EDC)
 October 2014
 Emigdio Cervantes  Custodial Services
Month Employee Name Department
June 2014  Griselda Sigala-Aguilar *  Student Success Center
May 2014  Mai Dam  Occupational Training Center (OTI)
April 2014  No EOM Recipient
March 2014  Carlita Alamban   Occupational Training Center (OTI)
February 2014
 Maria Leal   Custodial Services
January 2014  Tammy Ehle   Office of Communications 
December 2013  Larry Ching   Office of Communications 
November 2013  No EOM recipient information reported 
October 2013
 Rebecca Levin   Counseling & Advising Center
Month Employee Name Department
June 2013  Patty Jobs *  Campus Payroll 
May 2013  Diana Martinez   Environmental Studies 
April 2013  Nila Nine  Dining Services 
March 2013  Patti Whelan   Disability Support Services 
February 2013
 Julie Ceballos   Technology Resources Group 
January 2013  Dennis Shannakian   Student Activities Office 
December 2012  Shari Pasquali   Veterans Services 
November 2012  William Madden   Transfer Center
October 2012
 Melodie Cheney  Admissions & Records Office
Month Employee Name Department
 June 2012   Mary Campbell  Biology and Health Technologies
 May 2012  Jo Ann Okabe-Kubo *  Intercultural/International Studies
 April 2012  Pat Cornely  Environmental Studies
 March 2012  Phong Lam  Student Success Center
 February 2012
 Joan Pena-Ferrick   Admissions & Records Office
 January 2012  Dennis Reed  Custodial Services
 December 2011  Rosa Sousa  Custodial Services
 November 2011  Lois Jenkins *  Marketing & Communications Office
 October 2011
 Silvia Bichler  Creative Arts
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2011  Annie Kong *  Custodial Services
 May 2011  Lori Susi *  Marketing & Communications Office
 April 2011  Vida Adjarian-Fard  HOPE Services
 March 2011  Marie Taylor Harper  Business/CIS/Computer Science
 February 2011
 Teri Gerard  Budget and Personnel
 January 2011  Shirley Schooler  Disability Support Programs & Services
 December 2010  C.J. Jones *  Physical Education & Athletics
 November 2010  Yusuf Mathir  Educational Technology Services (ETS) @ DA
 October 2010
 Dawna O'Malley  Financial Aid Office
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2010   Berta Pace  Business/CIS/Computer Science
May 2010  Max Gilleland  Business/CIS/Computer Science
 April 2010  Sarah Corrao  Financial Aid Office
 March 2010  Virginia Marquez  Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
 February 2010
 Joseph Ng  International Student Programs
 January 2010  Sandra Cardoza  Open Media Lab
 December 2009  Alerie Flandez  Writing & Reading Lab
 November 2009  Barry Johnson  Admissions a& Records Office
 October 2009
 No EOM Recipient
Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2009  No EOM Recipient
 May 2009  Angelita Pabros  Student Success & Retention Services (SSRS)
 April 2009  Shannon Bracy  Physical Education & Athletics
 March 2009  No EOM Recipient
 February 2009
 Patrick Dowling *  Tutorial Center
 January 2009  Rachelle Burt  Admissions & Records Office
 December 2008  Sandra Sokabe  Health Services Office
 November 2008  Charles Norona  Physics
 October 2008
 Jorge Morales  Outreach Office
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2008   Mary Ann Washington  Language Arts
 May 2008  Diana Argabrite  Euphrat Museum of Art
 April 2008  Monika Winn  Bookstore
 March 2008  Carmen Pereida  Co-Operative Education (CO-OP)
 February 2008
 Maria Serrano  Food Services
 January 2008  Rudy Carranza  Grounds
 December 2007  Rob Mieso  Outreach Office
 November 2007  Michelle Doan  Chemistry
 October 2007
 Ken DiMare  Bookstore
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2007  Karen Villalba  Child Development Center
 May 2007  Kevin Harral  Financial Aid Office
 April 2007  Lisa Sanford  Health Services Office
 March 2007  Curtis White  Plant Services
 February 2007
 Diana Contreras *  Custodial Services
 January 2007  Jo Ann Okabe-Kubo *  Intercultural/International Studies
 December 2006  Jesus Garcia  Grounds
 November 2006  Kent McGee *  Admissions & Records Office
 October 2006
 Rose Angelo  Disabled Student Services (DSS)
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2006  Eloise Alvarez  Food Services 
 May 2006  Sandi Carson  Transfer Center
 April 2006  Annie Presler  Environmental Studies
 March 2006  Nancy Cole  Vice President of Student Services Office
 February 2006
 Angelica Strongone  International Student Programs 
 January 2006  Tom Schott  Creative Arts
 December 2005  Margarita Hawthorn *  Community Education
 November 2005  Thanh Nguyen  Cashier's Office
 October 2005
 Jackie Harvey   Physical Education
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2005  Phyllis Garrison  Special Education
 May 2005  Sandra Blackborow  Tutorial Center
 April 2005  Paula Ahrens  Community Education
 March 2005  Diane Hawley  Bookstore
 February 2005
 Kevin Metcalf  Distance Learning
 January 2005  Joni Lamprey-Hayes  Budget and Personnel
 December 2004  Matthew Rodriguez  Community Education
 November 2004  Bradley Creamer  Marketing and Communications Office
 October 2004
 Elmano Salazares  Plant Services
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2004  Jose Marte  Biology
 May 2004  Duc Phan *  Printing Services
 April 2004  Leandro Bibat   Grounds
 March 2004  Carleen Bruins  Marketing & Communications Office
 February 2004
 Ann Leever  Distance Learning
 January 2004  Reyes Hernandez  Grounds
 December 2003  Francis Ramirez  Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS)
 November 2003  Sofia Abad *  Occupational Training Institute (OTI)
 October 2003
Paula Joseph  College Services
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2003  Carlos De La Cerda  Grounds
 May 2003  Mary Clark  Administrative Services
 April 2003  Maria Salazares *  Plant Services
 March 2003  Walter Alvarado  Printing Services
 February 2003
 Ivan Rodriguez  Food Services
 January 2003  Judi Jones  Center for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT)
 December 2002  Karen Johnson  Grants Office
 November 2002  Renee McGinley  Counseling
 October 2002
 Keith Freeman  Food Services
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2002  Lois Jenkins *  Marketing & Communications Office
 May 2002  Betty Snowden  Admissions & Records Office
 April 2002  Melissa Ingalls  @ONE Project
 March 2002  Stan Judkins  Educational Technology Services @ DA
 February 2002
 Joe Ngo  Financial Aid Office
 January 2002  Joyce Feldman  Financial Aid Office
 December 2001  Jeff Dickard  Occupational Training Institute (OTI)
 November 2001  Leslie Nguyen  Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
 October 2001
 Moto Ohtake  Creative Arts
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2001  Heidi King *  @ONE Project / Educational Technology Services (ETS)
 May 2001  Sheila Coyne  Educational Technology Services (ETS) @ DA
 April 2001  Donna Bradshaw  Distance Learning / Library / Broadcast Media Center
 March 2001  Mary Thompson  Learning Center (Library)
 February 2001
 Ed Breault *  Biological and Health Services
 January 2001  Debbie Haynes  Financial Aid Office
 December 2000  Lillian Zamora  Assessment Office
 November 2000  Karen Tashiro  Staff Development Office
 October 2000
 Sally Hoffman *  Plant Services
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 2000  Duc Nguyen  Administrative Services / Mailroom
 May 2000  Carole Chapman  Learning Center (Library)
 April 2000  Kris MacCubbin  Health Services Office
 March 2000  Alicia Rivera  Open Media Lab
 February 2000
 Juan Carlos Mardueno  Custodial Services
 January 2000  Janice Winkel  Marketing & Communications Office
 December 1999  Dale Fadelli  Nursing
 November 1999  Bachmai Kha  Computer Applications & Operating Systems (CAOS)
 October 1999
 Linda Wolf  Scheduling Office
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 1999  Willie Mae Ogilvie  Occupational Training Institute (OTI)
 May 1999  Susan Bloom  Financial Aid Office
 April 1999  George Hein  Language Arts
 March 1999  Mary Browning  Assessment Center
 February 1999
 Tammie Silvia  Disabled Student Services
 January 1999  Pisamai Chamkasem  High Tech Training Center (HTTC)
 December 1998  Lori Susi *  Marketing & Communications Office
 November 1998  Ellen Mann  Adaptive Physical Education
 October 1998
 James Holstein  Audio/Visual (A/V) Services
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 1998  Lily Greene  Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
 May 1998  Minnie Nuney   Tutorial Center
 April 1998  John Margherita  Television Center
 March 1998  Bonnie Harvey  Readiness Program
 February 1998
 Ruth Hayes   Executive Secretary
 January 1998  Denis Gates    Custodial Services, Campus Center
 December 1997  Jean Burke   Nursing
 November 1997  Karl Von Ahnen  Planetarium
 October 1997
 Loren Beall  Manufacturing & Design
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 1997  Kim Peterson   GAIN Program / Occupational Training Institute (OTI)
 May 1997  Jesus Hernandez   Grounds 
 April 1997  Bonnie Mell  Biology 
 March 1997  Patty Jobs *   College Services 
 February 1997
 Melanie Thomas  Creative Arts 
 January 1997  Jeannie Kastelic   Tutorial/Skills Center
 December 1996  Marge Sainten    Physical Therapy Assistant Program 
 November 1996  Philip Davis   Bookstore 
 October 1996
 Sue Barrera Financial Aid Office
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June1996  Virginia Mari  Food Services
 May1996  Essie White  Admissions & Records Office
 April 1996  Shirley Muegge   Community Services / Short Courses 
 March 1996  Mike Paccioretti   Campus Security
 February 1996
 Cyndy Dowling  Educational Diagnostic Center (EDC)
 January 1996  Allen Frische  Vocational Education
 December 1995  Olivia Patlan  Student Activities Office
 November 1995  Val Hardy  Biology and Health Sciences
 October 1995
 Wen Hsueh  Custodial Services
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 1995  Sally Larson  Applied Sciences
 May 1995  Larry Bloom   Adapted Physical Education
 April 1995  Marje Sutton   Financial Aid Office
 March 1995  Griselda Sigala-Aguilar *  Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
 February 1995
 Agnes Smith  International Services
 January 1995  Jane Miller   Student Services
 December 1994  Bonnett Saussol  Design Center
 November 1994  Paula Radtke   Counseling
 October 1994
 Louise Abatecola   Financial Aid Office
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 1994  Henry Garcia   Physically Limited Program
 May 1994  Roxana Puerner  Short Courses
 April 1994  Joan Crandall  Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering (PSME)
 March 1994  Dennis Vargas  Food Services
 February 1994
 David Obenour  Physical Education
 January 1994  Janet  Brynjolfsson  California History Center (CHC)
 December 1993  Barbara Clapp  Teaching Resources Center
 November 1993  Ranie Villanueva   Grounds
 October 1993
 George Robles  Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 1993  Martha Rowe   Exercise Physiology Lab
 May 1993  Dottie Nielson   Administrative Services / Mailroom
 April 1993  Beverly Hortin    Instruction
 March 1993  Lawrence Siquig  Audio/Video (A/V) Services
 February 1993
 Candia Fernandez   Community Services
 January 1993  Sylvia Rueda   Matriculation 
 December 1992  Adrienne Pierre   Transfer/Career Center
 November 1992  Eileen Snider   Printing Services
 October 1992
 Carole Keeler   Administrative Services
 September 1992
 La Donna Yumori-Kaku  Student Activities Office
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 June 1992  Mary Jo Kane   Health Services Office
 May 1992  Orva Stewart   Business / Computer Information Systems 
 April 1992  Mae Kawaguchi   Word Processing / Graphics
 March 1992  Margaret Obenour   Financial Aid Office
 February 1992
 Mary Kay Rhodes  Independent Studies
                                  Break in EOM Awards (June 1991 - January 1992) due to District internal fiscal crisis.
 Month  Employee Name  Department
 May 1991  Edith Thompson  Word Processing
 April 1991  Ida Laccabue   Biology Audio-Tutorial Lab
 March 1991  Gloria Castor   Physically Limited Program
 February 1991
 Nicholas Huynh   Financial Aid Office
 January 1991  Maureen Gates   Campus Security
 December 1990  Jane Swanson  Scheduling Office
 November 1990   Javier Rueda  Physical Sciences, Mathematics, & Engineering (PSME)

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