Examples of Nominations

For faculty nominations, please go to the Distinguished Educator Award Web site.

Nominations for Classified Employee of the Month may be submitted for the following job classifications:

  • Classified who teach part-time
  • Classified who supervise (Teamsters)
  • Classified who are Confidentials
  • Classified who are under CSEA
  • Classified who are under ACE
  • Classified Police Officers

Example of a satisfactory nomination showing someone going above and beyond their job duties:

Excellence in job

Rachelle Burt is an outstanding employee who brings to her job a high degree of energy, commitment, flexibility, and professional conduct. As the division administrative assistant for A & R, Rachelle provides critical support to the admission and enrollment process.

Above and beyond responsibilities

But Rachelle has gone above and beyond, time and again, to provide significant support to the Office of Outreach and Relations with Schools. She has been so critical to our success in reaching out and recruiting a diverse student body to keep our enrollment strong.


In 2007-08, she helped Outreach in major ways during the planning of our Latino and African American student conferences, the New Student and Parent Nights, developing the outreach website, managing the prospect database, generating reports, procuring promotional materials, and supporting the institutional outreach effort with enthusiasm and exemplary team spirit.

Summary of how employee adds value to the De Anza College community

She is the kind of employee that makes De Anza look good. She has a positive attitude and always finds a way t get the job done. Whether assisting a new student or parent, in person on campus or over the phone, Rachelle is the kind of employee that leaves a lasting positive impression. Rachelle Burt exemplifies the excellence of our classified employees who give so much to the success of our college, and I am so proud to nominate her to be recognized as Employee of the Month.

Why was this a successful nomination?

This example shows the EOM committee how this employee has been a positive and outstanding worker in her own department, but went out of her way to assist different areas that were not in her job duties but had relevance to the students, the college and the district while helping other classified staff.

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