General Meeting Information

Date: October 8, 2019
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Location: ADM 106

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Leader
    2:00 Welcome Activity I/D King
    2:05 Approval of Agenda & Minutes A King
    2:15 Needs & Confirmations
    • EAC – Deborah Taylor
    • Additions to Prof. Development – Kit Perales
    • Academic Calendar Task Force – Need
    • Academic Senate - Need
    • President Search Committee - Need
    I/D/A King
    2:30 Shared Governance Reports
    • Second Tuesday: IPBT, SSPBT, Board Meeting
    • Fourth Tuesday: Technology, ETAC, DASB
    I/D All
    2:40 Mascot Name Change I/D Spatafore
    2:50 2019-2020 Budget I/D Olsen
    3:05 General Membership Meeting
    Proposed: Thursday, Oct. 17
    11:30am-12:00pm AND 12:30pm-1:00pm in Admin109
    I/D King
    3:15 ClassiFriday Update I King/PD Committee
    3:30 Adjourn    

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Members Present: Heidi King (president elect), Victoria Kahler (secretary), Scott Olsen (treasurer), Alex Harrell (communications officer), Laura Hiler (sec. 1), Stephanie Serna (sec. 2), Dana Kennedy (sec. 4), Lorna Maynard (sec. 6), Sofia Abad (sec. 7), Jenny Vela (sec. 9), Keri Kirkpatrick (sec. 11), Yali Zhu (sec. 12), Ola Sabawi (sec. 13), Sonia Yu (DASB rep.)

    Guests: Tracy Chung-Tabangcura (PD comm.), Claudia Guzman (PD comm.), Marisa Spatafore (Office of Communications), Hyon Chu Yi-Baker (College Life) 

    Meeting Items

    Opening Activity

    Welcome and introductions 

    Approval of Agenda
    • Olsen moved, Kirkpatrick seconded to approve the 10/8 agenda.
    • Agenda was approved by consensus.

    Needs & Confirmations

    King noted that for many shared governance committees, the classified representative does not have to be a Senator. King explained that Serna was previously confirmed to fill a vacancy for Sec. 6 but due to a mix-up in communication, Lorna Maynard was also appointed to represent Sec. 6 at the CS Leadership Retreat. Serna will represent Sec. 2 which became vacant due to the recent resignation of Amelia Sanchez who was elected this past May. The following classified professionals were approved to serve on shared governance committees:

    • Classified Senate – Stephanie Serna
      • Olsen motioned and Lorna Maynard seconded Serna’s appointment as Senator for Sec. 2.
        Voting: All in favor, no oppositions, no abstentions – PASSED
    • Professional Development (PD) committee – Kit Perales
      • Maynard motioned, Harrell seconded Perales’ appointment.
        Voting: All in favor, no oppositions, no abstentions – PASSED
    • Equity Action Council (EAC) - Deborah Taylor
    • A District-wide Academic Calendar Task Force that is exploring FHDA moving from a quarter to semester system needs classified representatives.
      • Serna expressed interest; King will forward her name to Doreen Novotny.
      • Any other classified professionals who express interest in serving can contact King via email by October 15.
    • Academic Senate needs a classified representative
      • Serna said that she is already attending on behalf of International Student Programs (ISP).
    • De Anza College Presidential Search Committee needs 4 classified representatives. Deadline is October 18.
      • Marlo Custodio (Office of Communications) has volunteered.
      • Other classified professionals who want to serve can contact King via email.
      • Kirkpatrick asked about and pointed out the need for all members of search and hiring committees to have EO training. Serna asked if temporary employees (TEA) can serve on hiring committees and King responded that employees need to be permanent. Harrell asked if probationary employees are able to serve because Custodio is currently a probationary employee. King will contact Human Resources to confirm the information on EO training and probationary status employees.

    Shared Governance Reports

    King announced that Senate members who attend Board of Trustees meetings can claim compensatory time and shared a sign up sheet. She plans to forward a list of names to Interim President Espinosa-Pieb who will notify deans and supervisors that this comp. time should be approved.

    There was discussion about the decision by most Shared Governance groups to go paperless and the need for some classified professionals who attend to have access to laptops. Olsen stated that ETS can check out a laptop to classified professionals for these meetings.

    • Maynard reported that IPBT discussed moving program review dates up based on concerns about Strong Workforce Program (SWP) monies that Randy Bryant, Dean, Career Technical Education, raised at the meeting.
    • Harrell attended a board meeting that addressed a proposed state bill to allow homeless/housing insecure students to sleep in their cars overnight on the De Anza campus. The state bill is pending.
    • Olsen attended a board meeting that addressed the district-wide budget, a hold harmless provision [of the Student Centered Funding Formula], and how declining enrollment could eventually lead to FHDA qualifying as a “basic aid” district.
    • King attended a board meeting that addressed the ongoing discussion about the closure of the Flint Center building and what might replace it.

    General Membership Meeting
    • Thursday, October 17
    • 11:30 am-12:00 pm and 12:30 pm-1:00 pm
    • Admin 109

    Attendance in person is encouraged but will be available via Zoom.

    Schedule for ClassiFridays (which begins October 25) will be announced.

    In lieu of providing cookies and beverages at the meetings which were often not well attended, the PD committee decided to provide attendees with goody bags filled with non-perishable snacks. Olsen suggested that any unused snacks be donated to the Food Pantry on campus.

    • Harrell motioned and Kahler seconded to spend up to $100 from the Voluntary Membership Dues account on expenses for goody bags to distribute at the meetings.
      Voting: All in favor, no oppositions, no abstentions – PASSED

    Campus Mascot Name Change

    Spatafore presented information about the process including how 70% of voting students approved the change last year. The current mascot is considered to be an offensive symbol by many. She explained how athletes have felt mascot-less for years. Yi-Baker commented on the prospect of having a mascot that can help build a sense of community among students and staff and possibly help to increase attendance at athletic games.

    Plans for choosing a new mascot will reflect a wide breadth of consultation methods: surveys, emails, personal outreach, social media, presentations to Senates, etc.

    Implementation of a new mascot is expected in 2020.

    2019-2020 Classified Senate Budget

    Olson presented a draft of the budget based on the last 4 years of spending. Funds have been spent on items and events such as: Classified Professional Development Day, Employee of the Month (EOM), California Community College Classified Senate (4CS) membership fees, the CS Student Support Fund, and other miscellaneous expenses. The Senate has a U.S. Bank account for its Voluntary Membership Donations which help to fund some activities and events.

    • King will add an item to finalize the 2019-2020 budget on the next meeting agenda.


    King shared the names of the Classified Senate Professional Development Committee which includes herself and the following people: Tracy Chung-Tabangcura, Adriana Garcia, Teri Gerard, Claudia Guzman, Tina Lockwood, Lorna Maynard, Kit Perales, and Deborah Taylor.

    To help attendees plan ahead, the PD Committee has scheduled all of the ClassiFridays events for the entire academic year. Workshop facilitators are confirmed though some of the times/formats are still pending. King will ask Lorrie Ranck, Acting Vice President of Instruction, to e-mail managers the schedule.

    Good of the Order

    Zhu announced on behalf of Lisa Kirk (Staff Revitalization and Professional Conference Funds Committee member) that 2019-20 travel and conference funding for ACE classified professionals is still available.

    Meeting adjourned at 3:25 pm

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