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Date: May 11, 2021
Time: CANCELLED - Written agenda/updates below

  • Agenda

    Dear Classified Senate & Guests,
    We have a great opportunity to listen and use our voices to share opinions about the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources finalists tomorrow afternoon (See email from Joe Moreau). Since these sessions are scheduled during our Senate meeting, we will not meet, but I do ask that we use email as a platform to keep people informed. Please respond to this email with questions/updates.
    Classified Professional Development Day update -
    • We are good to go, I think. Any questions about this day? Did you check out the raffle prizes yet? 🎉
    • Website is here, so you have easy access:
    • If you are in a session and recognize the facilitator could use help with Zoom/chat moderation, I do ask that you please jump in. 🙂
    Classified Professionals Week - May 17-21
    Senate Elections - May 19-21
    • Nominations closed this morning at 8:00am and the names have been turned over to our Nominations Committee (Lorna and Angelica).
    • Those nominated will be contacted this week to confirm their interest or decline their nomination.
    • Those interested in running will be on the ballot, which will be emailed to all on May 19
    • Results will be announced the week of May 24.
    Police Chief's Advisory Committee - ACTION REQUIRED
    • We have been requested to provide a name by this Friday for someone to sit on this new Shared Governance group. They are looking for someone to attend the May and June meetings and all of next year. Since we're in the middle of our election cycle, that's a bit of a challenge.
    • Are there any volunteers interested in attending the meetings for this in May and June? Ideally, this will be someone who is running for our Executive Committee or as a Senator Lead or Desginee in the Operations and Facilities Area of Focus for next year, but does not have to be. Please email me if you are interested.
    • I will work with Carla Maitland to confirm that we can have one person for May and June, and then confirm someone for next school year once our elections are over.

    Shared Governance Report-Outs
    • If you have a report from our Shared Governance groups, email . We will put the reports on our website in place of minutes for this meeting. 

    Good of the Order

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