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Date: February 25, 2021
Time: 3:00 p.m - 5:00 p.m.

  • Agenda


    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    3 p.m.- 3:10 p.m. Approve Notes from Nov.19, 2020 and Jan.28, 2021

    A Holmes/Chow
    3:10-3:20 p.m. College Council Tri-Chair Discussion D/A   Holmes/Chow
    3:20-3:50 p.m. Shared Governance: Feedback from 1/28 webinar with Dr. Galizio and Dolores Davison D Holmes/Chow
    3:50-4:05p.m. Governance Group Taskforce- Continued D  Holmes/Chow
    4:05-4:30 p.m. Reports from Governance Teams I Member Representatives
    4:30-4:45 p.m. Budget: Current Model and Process for Upcoming Years D/A Holmes/Chow
    4:45-4:55 p.m. Address Anti-Asian Racism D All
    4:55-5 p.m Quick News I All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Approve Notes from Nov.19, 2020 and Jan.28, 2021

    The notes were approved.

    College Council Tri-Chair Discussion

    President Holmes opened the discussion on a Tri-Chair model stating that moving to this model would support the College’s commitment to a more equitable governance process. Holmes emphasized the importance of having classified professionals participate in leadership positions. There is no current release time for classified positions but there is a need to create a culture that allows for participation. Holmes noted that senior staff are having conversations on how to achieve this at both the campus and district level. Holmes drew attention to the importance of seeing De Anza’s classified professionals as a leader, mentioning our current onboarding model by Program Coordinator Claudia Guzman.

    Tri-Chair model was approved and College Council will be adopting this model.

    Shared Governance: Feedback from 1/28 webinar with Dr. Galizio and Dolores Davison

    Holmes welcomed feedback from 1/28 webinar with Dr. Galizio and Dolores Davison. Attendees commented on the baseline and history foundation approach of the webinar, mentioning the dislike of material provided on a broader aspect rather than specifically tailored to De Anza. Mentioning the structure of the session and sentiment of feeling isolated from a participant perspective, with no option to speak in chat, unable to record the session, not much reference given to students and classified staff in shared governance and minimal information on equity. Marisa Spatafore reminded the team that the session was a College Council meeting, which are not recorded, to which the community was invited. Due to the number of expected participants, the meeting was run as a webinar which has limited chat functionality. Holmes reminded attendees of the survey that was sent out asking for feedback on the current system and highlighted the importance of responding to the surveys. Holmes encouraged future participation on such surveys as only 8 responses were received, and the presentation was based on the information provided within those 8 responses. Rob Mieso stated that the presentation was targeted to bring a fresh perspective, hear feedback from others and open conversations to engage and work as a community without losing sight of the bigger picture, as the work is only beginning.

    Governance Group Taskforce- Continued

    Holmes discussed the importance of a taskforce and continuous discussion around shared governance. He highlighted the need for the various constituencies represented; faculty, classified professionals, administrators and students when creating a taskforce to come together and make recommendations to the president. Responding to a question on additional pay for the work, Holmes responded that no extra compensation was being considered. Members agreed on the importance of creating a system that better served the college community, keeping in mind the goal of equity and inclusion. Constituents will identify two individuals from their constituent group for the governance taskforce in time for the March 11, 2021 College Council meeting. Holmes summarized the four groups that will be represented in the taskforce: Students, Administrators, Faculty and Classified professionals.

    Reports from Governance Teams

    DASB representative addressed the need for help in connecting with students as it has been difficult to keep students engaged on a virtual model with emails being their main form of communication.

    Members asked to meet more regularly with meetings twice a month.
    APBT had not met since yet and will report at the next College Council meeting.

    Campus Facilities are continuing to work on Facilities Master Plan 2021-2026. Please review the FMP with constituent groups. Updates are posted on Campus Facilities website.

    DASB Will be taking final vote on Fund 41. Lianna Vaughan was introduced as new DASB Vice President. Lianna reported 35 candidates running. The Candidate and Presidential Debate happened yesterday 2/24/21. More information is posted on the DASB Senate General Election webpage.

    EAC reported on Guided Pathways and the creation of villages concept. VIDA and student leadership have a component working directly with students.

    IPBT reported on the creation of the Position Prioritization designed to instill an equity-based model.

    SSPBT Updating program review/template is posted on the website with timeline. Guided Pathways presentation by Lydia Hearn and Kim Palmore is posted and available under the meeting notes 2/18/21 on the website.

    Technology Committee is working on Tech Plan currently collecting data. It will be presented sometime in the spring. More information is posted on their website.     

    Affinity group report outs  will to be included on future agendas.

    Budget: Current Model and Process for Upcoming Years

    Holmes highlighted his dissatisfaction for the current budget model and believes there is a more holistic way to work out the budget. Holmes indicated creating a campuswide budgeting model that includes classified staff, faculty students and administrators. Holmes mentioned the importance of equity when allocating resources and to look at the budget as a whole to make decisions together across administrative areas. Further discussion to be continued in future meetings.

    Address Anti-Asian Racism

    Holmes addressed Anti-Asian Racism and the continuous support on campus. Members mentioned the need to have a space to open up conversations, perhaps a panel of multi-racial alliance. Members thanked Holmes and the Office of marketing and communications for the email sent out previously addressing the topic. The work that the communications team is doing to spark conversations on campus was appreciated by members.

    Quick News

    College Council will meet in 2 weeks, March 11,2021. An email will be sent out to finalize the time based on members’ availability as the usual time 3 pm- 5 pm will need to be modified to attend districtwide meeting. Holmes encourages members to attend the Campus Safety Districtwide informational meeting at 4 pm on 3/11/21 hosted by Chancellor Miner.

    Holmes reminded members to elect two representatives from their constituent groups for the governance taskforce to present at the next meeting.


    Meeting ID Start Time/End Time
    College Council Meeting 02/25/2021 02:52:25 PM
      02/25/2021 05:03:06 PM
    Name (Original Name) Total Duration (Minutes)
    14088211038 21
    15106759178 9
    Adam Contreras 113
    Alicia Cortez (she# her# ella) 117
    Anita Muthyala-Kandula 120
    Christiana Kaleialii 117
    Christina G. Espinosa-Pieb (she#her# ella) 124
    Deepa Yuvaraj 127
    Dr. Karen Chow 131
    Edmundo Norte 123
    Elvin T. Ramos 126
    Eric Mendoza 123
    Erik Woodbury 123
    Grace Lim 86
    Heidi King 124
    Jeffrey Kasprow 58
    Katelyn Pan 121
    Kaylee Flores 125
    Kimberly Lam 126
    Laureen Balducci 87
    Lianna Vaughan 112
    Lisa Ly 111
    Lloyd Holmes 123
    Lorrie Ranck (she/her) 124
    Luiza Eloy 99
    Marilyn Booye 124
    Marisa Spatafore 127
    Martin Varela 59
    Mary Donahue VM 121
    Mary Pape 126
    Melinda Hughes 123
    Michele LeBleu-Burns 124
    Moaty Fayek 127
    Monica Ganesh 125
    Nathaly Aguilar (She/Her/Hers) 127
    Pam Grey 124
    Pippa Gibson 127
    Richard Hansen 122
    Rob Mieso 126
    Sally Gore 123
    Sam Bliss - De Anza 123
    Sarah Wallace 123
    Scott Olsen (he/him) 124
    Tracy C-T (T Chung) 19
    Vins Chacko 27
    Vins Chacko 89

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