General Meeting Information

Date: April 18, 2023
Time: 10-11:25am
Location: MLC 255

"This meeting will be held HyFlex, meaning anyone can participate in-person or online. To join remotely, see the Zoom information at the bottom of this page."

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    10-10:05 Welcome: Approval of Agenda and Minutes I/A Mallory
    10:05-10:15 Budget Committee Update I/D Rob with Pam

    Reviewing Resource Requests 

    • report from college council
    • response to questions
    • determination of further recommended spending

    RAPP Resource Request Worksheet
    Resource page link

    D/A Erik
    With Tina & Salvador

    Personnel Hiring Discussion

    I/D Erik, Rob, Mallory

    Program Review 22/23



    Desired Outcomes:

    • Discuss and approve (?) remaining Instructional Equipment requests
    • Approve personnel hiring request form

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    RAPP meeting minutes 4/18/23

    Membership Attendance.

    In-person: Nicholas Turangan, Izat Rasyad, Moaty Fayek, Thomas Ray, Tina Lockwood, Jason Sousa, Mallory Newell, Debbie Lee, Adam Contreras, Kate Wang, Javier Gomez-Tagle

    Remote: Rob Mieso, Erik Woodbury, Eric Mendoza, Christina G. Espinosa, Kristin Skager, Lisa Ly, Alicia Mullens, Daniel Smith, Bidya Subedi, Erick Aragon, Julie Hughes, Andre Meggerson, Salvador Guerrero, Pam Grey, Michele Lebleu Burns, Felisa Vilaubi, Vins Chacko.

    Absent: Melinda Hughes, Justin Fry,

    10:00am start – with no objections, minutes from the 3/21/23 meeting was approved.

    10:03am - Budget Committee update.

    ·      Pam Grey was not present for the Budget Committee update so we moved to the next item on the agenda we will come back when Pam logs on.

    10:06am - Reviewing Resource Requests

    ·      Erik Woodbury presented the Resource Request worksheet.

    ·      Erik took the last round of recommendations from RAPP to the College Council meeting on March 23rd.

    ·      Erik explained that College Council approved up to $12,000 to PSME, SSH, PE/Ath.

    ·      And up to $12,000 in Instructional Equipment with specific exception to Creative Arts an extra $30.21 bringing the total to $12,030.21.

    ·      Available funds to Allocate as of 2/28/23.

    ·      Lottery - $2,750,382.00

    ·      Instructional Equipment - $379,672.00

    ·      Library Material - $66,212.00

    Erik worked with Tina and Salvador - on a series of review questions for critical needs broken up by divisions linked in the agenda. Moaty asked when this was sent to the deans? Erik said the 7th of April and a reminder email on 14th. Reasource allocations link.

     Erik - asked would RAPP like to go through the answers as they come in? Before approving the remaining $325,171.72 in IE

    Rob Mieso - added if the questions have been answered and we have enough funds to allocate, can we move forward unless there are any questions or concerns and if there were any objections.

     Thomas Baily - asks if there was a deadline for the deans to respond to these questions is it necessary for the deans to respond before moving forward?

    Christina G. Espinosa - asked if the $379,672.00 is all that remains in Instructional Equipment fund?

    Erik - responded we also have a reserve balance on top of the 379,672.00.

    Christina G. Espinosa - wants to caution any shared governance committee to allocate all the Instructional Equipment funds.

    Moaty and Thomas - would like 2 weeks to have the deans bring the list back to their department chairs to insure items are in fact critical based on how much funds are available. If items have already been purchased, they will be removed from the current list.

    Conversation will continue in 2 weeks.

    10:47am - Budget Committee update

    ·      Pam said that Martin shared carry forward report.

    ·      Reviewed for final recommendation to RAPP the SRP funding $364,119.35.

    ·      Reviewed for final recommendation to RAPP Unrestricted General fund vacancies $1,533,134.24.

    ·      Budget Advisory Committee released these funds to RAPP to start planning for positions.

    Erik - posted the links in chat for SRP funding and the Unrestricted General fund vacancies.

    Debbie Lee - asked how many vacancies were approved for positions regarding Unrestricted General funds?

    Debbie Lee - also asked, there are 4 allocated positions, and 3 positions don’t have a position title yet. Do the 3 positions go back to 1 being a counselor, 1 being an instructor, and 1 being a transfer center counselor?

    Pam - responded the Budget Advisory committee is releasing dollars not positions in the attempt to look at the campus as a whole.

    10:55am - Personnel Hiring Discussion

    ·      How to distribute on going funding from Vacancies or new money

    ·      Moaty helped create the Faculty Request form to help make the process easier.

    ·      Help with how to decide what positions to fund as a college and how do we determine what positions is most needed.

    Tina Lockwood – asked is there going to be a different form for classified and administrator positions, being that this form is mainly tailored to faculty position requests.

    Rob Mieso - added that is a conversation we need to have. We can adopt the form, but it is mainly for faculty positions.

    Moaty and Mallory will work on a form for what a Classified version will look like.

    Debbie Lee - commented that the usual process for classified and administrative resigned or retired positions automatically get replaced, unlike the process for faculty positions.

    Salvador mentioned in chat – He is uncomfortable with the notion that full-time instructional positions can be replaced by part-time positions, from an equity perspective for both students and faculty.

    Moaty asked - are we still revising the form, or can we move forward?

    Rob Mieso – commented that he is not ready to approve the personal hiring form yet. Till people review it more.

    Erik Woodbury – suggested to bring back the faculty form at next week’s RAPP meeting on 4/25/23 since people have been waiting on the form. In the meantime, work can be done to create a form for Classified positions.

    Mallory - suggested developing an annual planning calendar with a timeline for when things need to be started and completed by. So that we know everything that needs to happen and when.

    Moaty - asked about training for new members? Erik did reply he does meet with the students weekly and chat with them on the app discord whenever they have questions.

    We did not have enough time to make it to the Program Review 22/23 topic on the agenda.

    End of meeting 11:30am

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