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Date: May 30, 2023
Time: 10-11:25am
Location: Zoom only

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  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    Welcome Agenda & Minutes I/D Erik
    10:05-10:45 Ranking Round 1      I/D/A Chairs
    10:45-11:10  Ranking Round 2  I/D/A Chairs

    Ranking General Discussion 

    I/D/A Chairs

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Rapp meeting minutes 5/30/23

    Membership attendance:

    Remote: Eric Mendoza, Erick Aragon, Julie Hughes, Michele Lebleu-Burns, Felisa Vilaubi, Alicia Mullens, Melinda Hughes, Moaty Fayek, Mallory Newell, Erik Woodbury, Rob Mieso, Adam Contreras, Salvador Guerrero, Thomas Ray, Jason Sousa, Javier Gomez-Tagle, Justin Fry, Izat Rasyad, Kate Wang, Nicholas Turangan, Bidya Subedi, Debbie Lee, Randy Bryant, Martin Varela

    Absent: Pam Grey, Andre Meggerson, Tina Lockwood

    10:02am - Start: Welcome Agenda & Minutes

    Agenda and Minutes from the 5/23/23 meeting was approved.

    10:05am Ranking Round 1

    Erik – people had questions about asking about more data about positions requested. We don’t have time to go back for more data, we need to go off the best information that we were presented with. 2nd question was a concern about not having enough time to rank do to having a question for clarity.  We will have time to discuss things as a committee for any concerns or questions that did not get answered.

    Debbie - ask about the timeline and if we can have more conversation about it. Just what we are rushing for, one of our guiding principles for decisions to make hires and prioritizations is intentionality. We should be very intentional and not rush through decisions as she was going through the process, she continued to have more questions. Some if it being “If we don’t replace faculty that are resigning or retiring, do we then have enough 1320 funds to pay part-time faculty to cover those classes”?

    Erik – thanked everyone for the work they put into this last week, people on campus would like this to get done sooner than later, also why we came out with an aggressive timeline. This will not be the typical process we will have more time next year.

    Mallory in chat - Timeline for hiring:

    • May 9th form ready from subcommittee. 
    • May 16 - Distribute form. 
    • May 22 - personnel requests due back to RAPP
    • May 23 and May 30 - discuss and finalize requests.
    • June 6th RAPP approve hiring recommendation.
    • June 8 - College council approve recommendations.
    • June 12th final academic senate - approve hiring committees.

    I should say, timeline for personnel requests, not hiring.

    10:54am Ranking Round 2

    Felisa – feels she needs more information and data that was not provided on the form for certain positions.

    Erik – right now we are making decisions based on what information is provided to us on the forms. If we want more information that’s on the form, we are going to change that timeline which is a discussion that we can have.

    Erik – Is going to organize the list that we have and all the reconciled rankings that we have and send out a list of High, Moderate and Low as well as the 3 unreconciled positions that remain and what the current rankings are.

    Rob - Thanks everyone for being flexible and committing to this work.

    11:25am end of meeting.

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