General Meeting Information

Date: October 10, 2023
Time: 10:00-11:30 AM
Location: MLC 255

This meeting will be held HyFlex, meaning anyone can participate in-person or online. To join remotely, see the Zoom information at the bottom of this page.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    10:00-10:05 Welcome
    Agenda and Minutes from 10/03/23
    I/A Mallory, Erik, Rob
    10:05-10:10 CTE SWP Round 8 (7/1/2023 - 6/30/2025)
    proposed budget (Local and Regional)
    I/D/A Vins
    10:10-10:25 Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities: Procedures I/D Rob, Mallory, Erik
    10:25-10:30 Updated Timeline and Dates I Mallory
    10:30-10:50 Training on CAS form for Program Review I/D Michele
    10:50-11:20 Personnel Hiring Prioritization and Process for Fall 2023 I/D/A Rob, Mallory & Erik



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    RAPP Notes - 10.10.23

    Members present: Rob Mieso, Pam Grey, Thomas Ray, Michele LeBleu-Burns, Mallory Newell, Tina Lockwood, Sushini Chand, Andre Meggerson, Erick Aragon, Melinda Hughes, Eric Mendoza, Erik Woodbury, Robert Alexander, Daniel Solomon, Alicia De Toro, Ian Ang, Nicholas Turangan, Benjamin Furagganan, Izat Rasyad, Kate Wang, Elvin Ramos, Martin Varela, Randy Bryant

    Members not present: Debbie Lee, Jason Sousa, Tim Shively,

    Non-members present: Lisa Ly, Gabriela Nocito, Michelle Hernandez, Vins Chacko, Kristin Skager, Adrienne Hypolite, Anita Kandula, Mehrdad Khosravi, Manny DaSilva, Christina Espinosa-Pieb, Sam Bliss

    CTE SWP Round 8 (7/1/2023 - 6/30/2025) proposed budget (
    Local and Regional).
    Vins Chacko shared the SWP budget that was approved by the CTE advisory committee, and is requesting RAPP approval.

    Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities: Procedures

    Mallory started the review of procedures. Members took turns reading the 13 general procedures.

    Updated Timeline and Dates

    Mallory shared the updated fall dates as well as the dates and timelines for the remainder of the year. December 1 was identified as a full-day to ask questions of deans and managers on program review and personnel prioritizations. A save-the-date will be sent out to members and managers.

    Training on CAS form for Program Review

    Michele shared an overview of the student services program review form, the CAS form. RAPP can begin to review student services program review forms now, as they already turned in their comprehensive program review form. All summary forms and presentations are available on the RAPP webpage:

    Personnel Hiring Prioritization and Process for Fall 2023

    Erik Woodbury asked the group for a discussion on how RAPP should approach the personnel prioritization process for the fall.

    • Erik proposed opening it back up to all submissions from Summer vacancies with any pervious submissions resubmitting, rather than going back to the ranking list.
    • Tina noted that there were varying levels of understanding of the forms and suggested that if we open it back up to all positions, that they get resubmitted and reevaluated.
    • Rob noted that we provided training, updated our process and revised our process, so proposed that we start with a clean slate, resubmit all forms with any new submissions and RAPP re-evaluate. Suggested to build in some process to account or weight areas that did not get a position in the past.
    • Manny asked where he can find training information on the prioritization process and we directed him to the RAPP website: Personnel Prioritization Process
    • Erik proposed: RAPP will accept positions that were submitted last spring that were not funded and any requests resulting from vacancies that came up in end of spring or summer. The committee would not accept any new positions that are not currently funded from the general fund.
    • Elvin: asked to take a vote on the process proposed by Erik. Seconded by Tina.
    • The vote was 21 yes votes. There were 0 no votes and 1 abstention.
    • Erick A. asked a clarifying question, about any new positions with no current funding source, when can those be submitted? Erik W. clarified that those positions would be submitted in the Spring so that we can get on the timeline. Spring are all positions, new and retirement/resignations and fall are resignations/retirements only.

    Meeting adjourned 11:15 AM.

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