RAPP Membership

Members of the Resource Allocation and Program Planning committee represent students, faculty, classified staff, administrators, and equity and affinity groups.

Constituency Role Name Email Term Ends June
Administrators Vice President, Student Services (Tri-Chair) Rob Mieso miesorob@fhda.edu 2024
  Vice President, Administrative Services Pam Grey greypam@fhda.edu 2024
  Vice President, Instruction (designee) Thomas Ray raythomas@fhda.edu 2024
  Instructional Dean Moaty Fayek fayekmoaty@fhda.edu 2024
  Student Services Dean Michele LeBleu-Burns lebleuburnsmichele@fhda.edu 2024
Classified Professionals Classified Senate (Tri-Chair) Mallory Newell newellmallory@fhda.edu  
  CSEA Jason Sousa sousajason@fhda.edu  
  Instruction Andre Meggerson meggersonandre@fhda.edu  
  Operations Tina Lockwood lockwoodtina@fhda.edu  
  Student Services Bidya Subedi subedibidya@fhda.edu  
Equity and Affinity Groups Asian Pacific American Staff Association (APASA) Erick Aragon aragonerick@fhda.edu  
  Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA)  Melinda Hughes hughesmelinda@fhda.edu  
  De Anza Latinx Association (DALA)  Eric Mendoza mendozaeric@fhda.edu  
  Equity Action Council (EAC)

Starting March 21, 2023: Debbie Lee

(Winter 2023: Elvin Ramos)

Faculty Vice President, Academic Senate (Tri-Chair) Erik Woodbury woodburyerik@fhda.edu  
  Faculty Association (FA) Julie Hughes hughesjulie@fhda.edu  
  Non-instructional  Felisa Vilaubi vilaubifelisa@fhda.edu  
  Part-Time Faculty  Salvador Guerrero guerrerosalvador@fhda.edu  
   At-large Alicia Mullens mullensalicia@fhda.edu  
Students   Nicholas Turangan nicholasturangan@gmail.com 2023
    Kate Wang kate.wang2309@gmail.com 2023
    Justin Fry fryjustin7@gmail.com 2023
    Izat Rasyad izatr2004@gmail.com 2023
    Javier Gomez-Tagle gomeztaglejavier@gmail.com 2023
Executive Secretary (nonvoting)   Adam Contreras contrerasadam@fhda.edu  
Advisory Role  Nonvoting Martin Varela varelamartin@deanza.edu  
  Nonvoting Randy Bryant bryantrandy@fhda.edu  
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