Resource Allocations

Agreements for Instructional Equipment and Lottery Funds

  1. Reserves – Hold back $500,000 annually for instructional equipment and reassess annually, 500k between the main account and the contingency account – larger requests could come out of the reserve. $100,000 will be reserved in the VPI contingency account.

  2. VPI contingency fund – these funds are for emergency requests, if it is over $100,000 amount then comes to RAPP for approval. If under $100,000 can come from the contingency fund and VPI may use discretion to fund as needed. 

  3. Lottery – consistent lottery funds annually every year of $1 million, not as much need to hold a reserve from lottery – has a built-in contingency of $100,000. Lottery funds should be used first when applicable.


Resource Allocations 2022-2023

Academic Services and Learning Resources, added January 19, 2023

Basic Needs, added February 13, 2023

Biological, Health and Environmental Sciences, added January 13, 2023

Business, Computer Science and Applied Technologies, added January 23, 2023

Career Technical Education and Workforce Development, added January 17, 2023

Creative Arts, added January 13, 2023

Equity and Engagement, added January 13, 2023

Intercultural/International Studies, added January 13, 2023

Language Arts - Journalism (JOUR), English (EWRT), English as a Second Language (ESL), added January 13, 2023

Physical Education and Athletics, added January 23, 2023

Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering, added January 24, 2023

Social Sciences/Humanities, added Jan. 13, 2023

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