General Meeting Information

Date: May 21, 2020
Time: 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.
Location: Online Mtg. held via Zoom*

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    1:30 p.m. Review Agenda & Notes I Booye/Mieso
    1:35 p.m. Guided Pathways Presentation I/D Hearn/Palmore
    2:00 p.m. Spring 2020 Student Survey Results
    Upcoming Basic Needs Survey
    I/D/A Sabawi
    2:30 p.m. Review Governance Handbook I/D Mieso
    2:45 p.m. Annual Governance Reflection
    I/D/A Mieso/Newell
    3:00 p.m. Adjourn    

    *Please contact the admin for Zoom meeting information.

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Attending Members:  Balducci, Booye (co-chair), Galoyan, Glapion, Kirkpatrick, Mandy, Mieso (co-chair), Shannakian, Shively

    Guests:  Veronica Avila, Sally Gore, Lydia Hearn, Kim Palmore, Ola Sabawi

    Meeting Items

    Minutes Approval

    There was one amendment to the previous meeting notes and none to the agenda.

    Guided Pathways Presentation

    Part of the Guided Pathways process was to create Meta-Majors - clusters of academic majors that have common or related content. Then within each Meta-Major there are programs, majors, degrees, and certificates that have related courses. The goal is to help students choose a major and degree based on their interests, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

    Six groupings were brought to the Guided Pathways Committee for review:

    • They had both student friendly language and traditional language.
    • They then went to the students for input and collaboration.

    The final selections are below:

     Artistic Expression

    Imagine, Create, Inspire

     Language & Communication

    Communicate, Connect, Influence

    Social Sciences & Humanities

    Observe, Engage, Transform

    Business & Finance

    Invest, Manage, Market

    Physical Sciences & Technology

    Explore, Experiment, Discover

    Health & Life Sciences

    Examine, Nurture, Heal

    College Council will be reviewing the presentation in June of the proposed Meta-Majors for approval.

    Spring 2020 Student Survey Results

    The Spring 2020 Student Survey was sent to all registered students before the start of the spring quarter. They received 3,185 responses, a 20% response rate.

    Some highlights from the survey include:

    • Nearly all respondents are aware that spring classes will be held online and for the entire quarter.
    • Almost all respondents have access to a desktop, laptop or tablet to complete their coursework while 3% only have access to a smartphone.
    • Most respondents indicated they have used Canvas and feel very comfortable with it or somewhat comfortable with it. However, 17% indicated they are not yet comfortable with it or have not used it.
    • Half of respondents indicated they have used Zoom and feel very comfortable with it or somewhat comfortable with it while half of respondents are not yet comfortable with Zoom or have not used it.
    • Forty percent of respondents have lost employment because of the recent closures related to the Coronavirus.

    The entire Spring 2020 Student Survey can be found here.

    The Faculty Spring 2020 Survey was sent to all full and part time faculty teaching in spring 2020 on the second day of the quarter and resulted in 217 responses.

    Some highlights from the survey include:

    • Almost all faculty respondents indicated they will be using Canvas and/or Zoom this quarter to enhance their online course. Less than 4% indicated they will be using Instagram, Facebook or YouTube which were the highest rated tools students indicated they are comfortable using.
    • The top five student services respondents were least aware were provided remotely to students during spring 2020 include:
      • Tax preparation service
      • Health Services
      • Assessment Center
      • Food, housing, internet, computer and financial emergency resources
      • Counseling - Psychological
    • Respondents reported that electronics, video, and audio resources, additional training and workshops, and connection to faster speed internet were the resources and support needed to help them be more successful in teaching this quarter.

    The entire Faculty Spring 2020 Survey can be found here.

    Many surveys are being conducted regarding students, faculty, and classified staff that can be found on the Institutional Research and Planning website.

    Governance Handbook

    The SSPBT members reviewed the handbook and no changes were recommended for this year.

    Annual Governance Reflection Survey

    The Annual Governance Reflection Survey questions were reviewed and answers drafted for submission. The answers will be submitted to Mallory Newell from the College Planning Committee by Friday, June 26, 2020.

    Program and Committee Updates
    • Shannakian reported that a Virtual Club Day will be held next week, Wednesday May 27th.

    • Mandy is still reviewing CARES Act Applications and the 2020-21 Financial Aid is now running and fee waivers are now posting.
      • At this time, about $77,000 CARES funds have been dispersed, $150,000 funds in total.
      • An emergency fund had been set up before COVID 19 started and Foundation funds were in place. Students who do not qualify for CARES funds due to the many restrictions, may receive funds from the Foundation funds.
      • Each application submitted has to be fully reviewed to make sure the appropriate fund is used.

    • Galoyan reported that we have started our first week of summer session registration and all the registration dates have been posted for fall.
      • She is processing Emergency Withdrawal (EW) and P/NP requests from students.
      • ISP is currently planning their fall orientation and had 110 new students for the spring quarter.
      • All assessments, except Chemistry, can be taken online.

    • Shively reported that he is a member of Judy Minor’s committee that is tasked with planning for the upcoming budget deficit from the state. Shively said FA would also be advocating with the state regarding funding and advocating for the elimination of the new Calbright online college.

    • Booye reported that the SEA Program committee met and decided that it needed more information to proceed due to the budget uncertainties at this time. They will not meet again until summer when more information should be available.

    • Glapion reported on the Academic Senate activities. They had the Guided Pathways presentation and the Asian American Studies Department (ASAM) proposed some new courses and initiative for fall.
      • The new Title IX changes were presented as well and discussion took place on how it will affect the college
      • They formed a resolution of gratitude for the Online Education department
      • Discussion was held for De Anza President search finalists

    • Laureen reported that the new Title IX regulations are set to go in effect in August and that De Anza, Foothill, and the District are working together to be more consistent and updating the policy and procedures.
      • Counseling has adapted well to the new online format. They are receiving some complaints from students regarding faculty not getting back to them so they are working with them and clarifying the boundaries regarding online learning.
      • DSPS have been conducting orientations with local high schools via Zoom

    • Mieso reported that Outreach is conducting Zoom orientations, application workshops, etc. with the high schools.
      • Every Friday there is a scheduled open house to answer prospective student questions.
      • The Food Pantry is starting to send out grocery cards to students who qualify.

    • Booye reported on EOPS and how they are doing Zoom orientations as well. They have had a bit of a transition with all of their files being paper and usually meeting students in person.
      • Booye did want to clarify that their program does give out grocery cards as well but the students do have to be in their program to qualify. Some students have also already qualified for food assistance by other means as well.

    • Avila wanted everyone to know that the SSLO Convocation would be held on June 5th and June 12th via Zoom. The title this year is “Creativity Amis Chaos.”

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