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Date: November 3, 2020
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Zoom

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    Update on engaging Classified Staff
    • Provide updates on conversation with Classified Senate Executive Committee
    • Hearn
    • Palmore
    Communities of Interest 
    • Brainstorm and discuss ideas for communities of interest
    • Visualization
    • Naming
    • Student pathway
    • Being a student-ready institution
    • Structuring teams
    • Shared governance process
    • Timeline for launch
    • Hearn
    • Palmore
    Good of the order
    • Share any announcements or other relevant information
    I/D All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Minutes 11/3/2021

    Present: Lydia, Kim, Karen, Patricia, Claudia, Michael Wallerius, Fatemeh, Veronica, Alex Harrell, Anu Khanna, Mallory, Nazy, Erick, Mary Pape, Randy Bryant 

    Update on engaging Classified Staff; Hearn & Palmore;  

    • Provide updates on conversation with Classified Senate Executive Committee – met last week. 2 more classified representation needed from student services. Classified senate will send the names.  
    • Committee to create a conference targeted for Classified conference;  to happen the week after finals week; plan for the conference will be built together.  
    • Introduced Classified representation - Claudia and Deepa added to the core group 

    Communities of Interest; Brainstorm and discuss ideas for communities of interest;  

    • Visualization - Presentation by Kim – imagining De Anza communities of interest; Meta Majors; Villages connected to a town center, paths for each villages,  
    • Naming  - needed a better name than communities of interest hence the term villages; 
    • Student pathway  
    • Animation on path; have some markers on what 80-90% students have to do;   
    • Is there any markers that are to be edited (presentation has the markers)? 
    • Add assessment as a marker 
    • This is the recommended path for priority enrollment –but it is not required – how do we make most students comfortable to get on this path? 
    • How to create a pathway that does not scare away students; Have less overwhelming paths.  
    • This list is set up to where to align support and services on the path but not what we send to students; it’s a framework  
    • One goal is to have a path in front of the students 
    • We could have one for CTE and one for Degree/ Transfer; CTE alternate path through GE class – how to make them a mainstream student?  
    • Villages should have the space for students to walk them through this path 
    • There are community members who don’t want a degree – outliers – how to reach out to the outlier population. They don’t need a path. This one is for a whole education journey.  
    • GP goal is to have clear paths for student’s goal – student needs defined paths 
    • To agree on some major signposts for many of the students and there may be some pared down versions. Maybe create a pull down menu instead of seeing all of it at once.  
    • A significant proportion of students declare transfer/certificate/degree as a goal to help them get there.  
    • Make it as inviting for students who haven’t been part of the students  
    • Villages – description – Most student comes with an idea of meta major. Once meta major is chosen they could get to a village and college calendar; advising help; registration help; have a village guide, welcome day organized by the villages; helps engage them in having a village to support them. Done this in English in enrolling students; instructional support and peer mentors; have quad area for each village; We are so large that we want to feel like we know the people around; Weave four main groups - We have 4 main groups of students: 1) Full-time, transfer goal, receiving financial aid (28%), 2) part-time, may want to transfer, receiving financial aid (28%) 3) part-time with a bachelor's degree (21%), 4) full-time, transfer goal, not receiving financial aid (21%)

    ; Over 70% do have transfer as goal but majority may not have the transfer as a goal.  

    • First things for Village do is - to help student understand How to do educational goal. Start here. There is potential rather than going to a counselor which are about technical pieces.  
    • Which of these should be available for all villages, For eg., Discord virtual spaces, Virtual escape rooms, Career days within meta majors, virtual campus on Minecraft 
    • What happens to students who want to change – should be simple to transfer.  
    • There are ways to build community across villages 
    • This is beyond learning communities – use effective practices and scale it up.  
    • Past 20 years transfer rate is flat and 8-10%; Need to get student perspectives; we mostly hear from students who are go getters students.  
    • List of goals exist in the application. They have to declare Ed goal. They check whatever is there if they are first time students. students still don’t understand terminology and how it impacts them. First choice is Transfer on the list. The students could decide with counselor and choose the village.  
    •  Goals options 
    • A - Obtain an associate degree and transfer to a 4-year institution 
    • B - Transfer to a 4-year institution without an associate degree 
    • C - Obtain a 2-year associate degree without transfer 
    • D - Obtain a 2-year technical degree without transfer (No longer in use. MIS SS01) 
    • E - Earn a career technical certificate without transfer 
    • F - Discover/Formulate career interests, plans, goals 
    • G - Prepare for a new career (acquire job skills) 
    • H - Advance in current job/career (update job skills) 
    • I - Maintain certificate or license 
    • J - Educational development 
    • K - Improve basic skills 
    • L - Complete credits for high school diploma or GED 
    • M - Undecided on goal 
    • N - To move from noncredit coursework to credit coursework 
    • O - 4 year college student taking courses to meet 4 year college requirements 
    • We may want to include ETS if we want any of these metamajors tracked in Banner. Just something to think about. Where do we store this data, where do students declare the metamajor, where do they change it? If they know their specific major they could be part of the village. They can still get priority registration for choosing a meta major 
    • Being a student-ready institution 
    • Structuring teams 
    • Shared governance process - Need to make a 3-4 page proposal to take to shared governance. 
    • Timeline for launch – Fall 2021, Fall 2022, Timing to be decided 

    Can we move forward with term ‘Villages’ - Agreed by team 

    What do we do with students who have not picked a meta major? 

    • Link to what's on campus  
    • Option Exploration village – this name could be misleading 
    • Do a social and fun questionnaire and get them started on a village;  
    • There should be a space who just need to understand what the options are 

    Next steps:  

    • Which one of these steps should all villages will do? 
    • What will these villages look like? 
    • Ways to sustain beyond the GP grant?  
    • How to get rest of campus to agree with this model?  
    • Need to make a 3-4 page proposal to take to shared governance. 
    • Need a design team to create these village spaces. 
    • Lydia to send the list to Felisa and Randy - Randy and Felicia to help with a path for CTE students; 

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