General Meeting Information

Date: October 19, 2021
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Zoom

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:00-2:05 Welcome I Palmore
    2:05-2:30 Village Initiative: Individual village events for fall I/D/A Khanna & Malone
    2:30-2:50 S3R Initiative: Outdoor Zoom Spaces I/D/A Pape
    2:50-3:00 Updates: Village Spaces I Palmore
    3:00-3:10 Updates: Loading Village Canvas Shells I Wallace
    3:10-3:20 Updates: Hiring - Intersegmental, Villages, Student Focus I Guitron
    3:20-3:30 Good of the order D Guitron

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Guided Pathways Team Core Meeting

    October 19, 2021

    A Guided Pathways Core Team meeting was held on October 19, 2021 via Zoom.

    Call to Order:  

    The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Kim Palmore, co-coordinator of Guided Pathways.

    Roll Call:  

    Kim Palmore, Sarah Wallace, Patty Guitron, Eric Mendoza, Mary Pape, Walter Gonzalez, Erick Aragon, Marisa Spatafore, Anu Khanna, So Kam Lee, Alex Harrell, Chanel Huynh, Hyon Chu Yi-Baker, Deepa Yuvaraj, Randy Bryant, Chia Wen, Jovanah Arrington, Lisa Ly, Alicia Cortez, Nina Van, Jose Juarez, Betty Inoue, Felisa Vilaubi, Karen Chow, Deborah Taylor, Fatemeh Yarahmadi, Michelle LeBleu-Burns, Nazy Galoyan, Claudia Guzman, Adriana Ohlone, Rob Mieso, Mallory Newell, Brian Malone. 

    1. Welcome (I) 
    2. Village Initiative (I/D/A)
    3. S3R Initiative(I/D/A) 
    4. Updates: Village Spaces (I) 
    5. Updates: Loading Canvas (I)
    6. Hiring:Intersegmental, Villages, Student Focus (I) 
    7. Good of the Order (D) 


    Kim Palmore welcomed everyone and gave an overview of the agenda.

    Villages Initiative:  

    Thus far, students have been introduced to their individual Villages which has helped create a sense of community and belonging. The next step is to sponsor 6 Village events for this fall quarter with hopes that the Villages can collaborate with other groups on campus to co-host more events in the future. Through these events, faculty can connect with students by highlighting the many services and resources available to them. As part of this initiative, the Villages is asking for $600 to incentivize participating students during these events with a $100 book voucher for a total of 6 book vouchers. Concerns of not being able to use the book vouchers were raised due to the campus bookstore undergoing change in management. It was mentioned that Jayme from the bookstore is working closely with the Core Team to make sure that the vouchers given out this fall quarter will still be valid next quarter. It was also suggested that outside prizes can be used instead of the book vouchers if this became an obstacle. The Villages Team is asking to approve this initiative now.

    Motion:To approve the Village’s Team initiative. 
    1. Vote: Motioned carried. 
    2. Resolved  

    S3R Team Initiative: 

    Mary Pape provided an update on the outdoor Zoom spaces initiative. There have been many discussions concerning students not having ideal spaces to Zoom from, Mary added. This initiative can be a solution for now. As part of this initiative, the S3R Team is asking to set up 12 pop-up tents throughout the college with power stations to help accommodate students on Zoom meetings while on campus. The SR3 Team is asking to approve this initiative now.  

    Motion:To approve the S3R Team initiative. 
    1. Vote: Motioned carried. 
    2. Resolved:  

    Updates: Villages Spaces 

    Kim Palmore provided an update on the Villages spaces. The Core Team is currently looking for 6 classrooms for each Village to call their own. This can be a place where faculty and staff can offer support to students by connecting them to the many services and resources available to them. It was suggested that counselors can provide informal types of counseling to students while encouraging them to schedule a formal counseling appointment. Approximately a week ago, the Core Team walked through the campus and created a list of possible spaces to explore. The goal is to obtain large classrooms that have enough space for a study area, equipment to do presentations, and easy access to outdoor space. On October 22, 2021 at 8:30 am the Core Team will revisit the campus to explore the new spaces.

    Updates: Loading Villages Canvas Shell 

    A quick overview of what the Canvas Shells look like and a progress report on loading Villages Canvas Shell was provided. The Villages and the Virtual Canvas pages that represent them are looking great. Thus far, approximately 7,000 students with declared majors have been enrolled into the Villages. There are approximately 8,000 students left for a total of 3 villages completed. Along with the first round of students, instructional faculty will also be enrolled into the Village that corresponds to their department. Classified professionals such as division administrative assistants with direct ties to a department or division within a Village will also be included in the first round. In the second phase of enrollments, the second group of students will have the opportunity to choose their Villages. The goal is to have this be an automated process in the future. During the second phase of enrollment, all other classified professionals will be enrolled as well.  

    Updates: Hiring 

    Student employment opportunities are now being forwarded to students. The goal is for the Villages and the Student Focus Team to start hiring student workers by early November. The Intersegmental Team will be conducting a high school workshop on November 13, 2021 where De Anza faculty will be able to participate.  

    Good of the Order: 

    No follow up questions.


    The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

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