Project Goals

After examining numerous options for addressing structural, safety, accessibility and usage issues in the 50-year-old Flint Center building on De Anza's campus – at an estimated cost of $50 million or more – the Foothill-De Anza district Board of Trustees voted on June 10, 2019, to permanently close the Flint Center and to build a new facility that would

  • Directly serve the instructional and student services needs of De Anza College
  • To the extent possible, meet community needs for a cultural venue and civic meeting space
  • If possible, generate revenue

For More Information

The Board of Trustees heard presentations and discussion about Measure G and the Event Center project during a study session on Monday, May 8, 2023. Minutes of the session will be posted on the board meetings website. Presentations included

A De Anza College Measure G Task Force, established by College Council, has begun work to develop a process and recommendations for moving forward on the Measure G “megaproject” and how to spend funds available to De Anza. 

You can find more information about the Event Center project, including the planning and development timeline, in the Nov. 7, 2022, progress report to the Board of Trustees

The following also provide information about Measure G planning and projects

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