Our Students Are Saying


Monica Espinoza - Math 10 - CalWorks Student
I appreciate the instructor, tutors, and counselors. The instructor has been flexible and shows her willingness to teach you Statistics. I meet her regularly outside of class for tutoring. The MPS tutoring center is a safe space to learn without feeling judged. The counselors are accessible in and outside of class for guidance and support.
I have learned not to be afraid of asking for help. Also, the importance of leaning in to get support and services from the MPS program. I now feel confident in Math because I no longer second guess myself to the point of feeling paralyzed to do Math. I now feel part of a community and the MPS program has become my hub on campus. 
Enrique Villaseñor Orihuela - Math 114 - MPS Tutor
What I appreciate the most about MPS is the community. It is a great community where everyone that is part of it adds something special. All the teachers, tutors, counselors and students create a perfect atmosphere to develop math skills, learn new content and practice. I just love how everyone is there to help. 
MPS taught me that it doesn't matter what level of math you are in or if you are good or not, it doesn't even matter if you like it or not. You can find help and a way to solve the problem. 


Muna Hassan - Math 10 (Transferred to SJSU in Spring 2021)
What I really appreciate about MPS is that it took away my math anxiety. Before enrolling in MPS, math was really a difficult and complex subject. Thanks to professor Mo it becomes an understandable subject. I really appreciate the counselors. They helped me a lot with my college journey.
The best thing MPS has taught me is practice and repetition helps you a lot when learning. I learned this through the group work we were provided in Math 10. It was invaluable.


Marvin Stewart - Math 212, 114, 10, 41 - Veteran Student (Transferred in Fall 2020)
Every student who joins MPS is given care and support.  The tutors and staff work hard.  They go above and beyond their job description for all students. They took me by the hand after thirty (30) years being out of school and walked with me down the path to success, which included Math and all my life events that happen along the way. The MPS program is exemplary and should be offered at every college campus.
I learned how to navigate my way through college. I learned that asking questions doesn’t mean you are dumb. I learned how to work with my classmates, so we do not leave anybody behind. I learned how to deal with stress and not let it control the narrative in my life. Most of all, I learned how to become a better student.
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