From the President

Governance Review – First Steps

July  9, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As many of you are aware, at its final meeting of the academic year, College Council voted to review the current shared governance teams and structure at De Anza, with an eye toward improvement and possible revamping, and with particular attention to equity and inclusion. College Council also agreed that the work would begin this summer.

I would like to initiate this review by encouraging all to begin with a refresher on the college's current groups and processes, which can be found at Governance teams (the Planning and Budget Teams, or PBTs) are listed there, as are stakeholder, bargaining, advisory and other groups. The Governance Handbook is available on the site, as is a decision-making flowchart and various other materials.

All groups within the current structure are then invited to complete a form, with questions about what works and does not work with current governance groups and processes; how governance groups and processes would ideally be structured at De Anza, and how these would work in practice; and how members of governance groups should be selected. There will be space for any additional comments or narrative that the group wishes to add. I am asking that each governance groups submit the form by the end of summer session on Friday, Aug. 14.

After fall quarter begins, we will survey the larger campus on these same questions, and have extensive feedback on which we can base discussions at College Council and other collegewide meetings. We can then develop next steps.

As your new president, I look forward to viewing De Anza College governance groups, processes and feedback with fresh eyes, and working with you in charting a course forward. Thank you for your engagement in this process.

With appreciation,

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